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Full Version: Vehicles in combat - swiss cheese?
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The Jopp
Ok, after a rather short discussion with my earlier GM (who this time will be a player) we have taken a serious look on Ammunition and Vehicles – merely a few issues actually.

First: Vehicles and Combat.

Ok, so vehicles ignores damage unless it penetrates armor, fine, except that most weapons can penetrate armour with a few successes – even more so with Ex-Explosive ammunition.

Second: Ammunition

Now, as many have discovered Ex-Explosive ammunition is even better than AV ammunition and usually chew up drones into itty-bitty pieces. Three people getting 1 measly hit each with a Pred4 would roughly make 12 boxes of damage on a Steel Lynx with Ex-Explosive ammunition.

APDS ammunition? Why bother as Ex-Explosive are easier to find and have the same end result.

Flechette VS vehicles – don’t get me started…

Our small solutions.

All vehicles ignore negative AP modifiers from weapons and ammunitions – except for AV ammunition who is designed for that kind of job.

Ex-Ammunition has it’s armor modification removed as it is exceptionally powerful already.

Flechette has its damage modification removed against vehicles.

This means that even smaller drones like Dobermans can actually soak the damage from a heavy pistol with Ex-Ex ammunition (almost).
Rotbart van Dainig
QUOTE (The Jopp)
AV ammunition? Why bother as Ex-Explosive are easier to find and have the same end result.

The abomination called AV ammunition is no more.
I suggest to redo the whole ammunition section. The problem is not the performance of ammunition against vehicles, but the overall performance of ammunition.

Search for the various ammo house rule threads.
The Jopp
QUOTE (Rotbart van Dainig @ Aug 3 2006, 01:26 PM)
QUOTE (The Jopp @ Aug 3 2006, 03:12 PM)
AV ammunition? Why bother as Ex-Explosive are easier to find and have the same end result.

The abomination called AV ammunition is no more.

DOH! I meant APDS (as they basically works against vehicles now) But I must agree that doubling armour against Flechettes would work, more sceptical against Gel rounds since they have a smaller impact point. Doubling for Flechettes makes extreme sense as I have trouble seeing a drone being blown apart by small metal splinters from a slivergun in burst fire.

Still, giving a bonus to the RESISTANCE test might be better otherwise it would be very hard to actually inflict any physical damage. Doube the impact armour would yield up to 12 points of armor and and that might be tought to penetrate with a heavy pistol (7P(F)) You would need an abnormal amount of successes to make any physical damage.

The resistance test in such a case would then be 12+Body (say 15) and 15D6 against 7P(F) would probably do some damage.
The house rule our group had was that for purposes of overcoming ANY armor, your gun had to beat the armor with out any successes adding to DV.

So a pred (for this example DV5 AP1, I think thats right but don't remember off the top of my head) with normal bullets would plink off any armor 6 car because it didn't beat the armor rating.

Called shots increase DV before comparing to armor, and hits only count after the armor has been bypassed (or for personal armor, converted to stun)

Our reasoning was that the hits on a roll we're doing double duty, making it hard to dodge AND bypassing armor, we felt it should do one or the other.
I removed EX-EX from the game, leaving only basic Explosive for your popcorny goodness. It helps. A lot.
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