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Full Version: A call for stories of being paid more than once.
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A call for stories of being paid more than once.

And can you beat this.


And yes, I DO love Schlockmercenary. I have the first book, and it is good.
If you're asking for SR annecdotes I can supply one.

While not quite being paid to do the same job twice some players did get paid for the same paydata twice. A portfolio had been taken from it's rightful owner by a mafioso. The runners broke in and killed the mafioso, took the portfolio and then copied chunks of it before selling it back to the rightful owner. They then sold the copies they'd made to a contact. Didn't make them any friends though.
Our team got double pay for breaking up an urban brawl match, we got the pay from the johnson, and also bet on the match that we were going to screw up.
The best we ever managed was pay from the J to set op a tbird race. Bet on the race, steal money from the organizers of the race and steal the rating 5 pilot program from one of the race vehicles.

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