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Full Version: Sidney Murdoch retires
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For those who hadn't heard. Underworld 93 has closed.

It was hacked just too often and had seen too many fights of late for Sidney, known to some of us, Jr. Woodchuck, to keep it going anymore. He is retiring to Florida to a well deserved rest.

Underworld93 was known for launching the careers of greats like ME109, Maria Mercurial, Hocus Pocus and Bitten by the Bug.

It also saw some spectacular brawls and flame fests.

thanks for the ride Woodchuck. It was a great place.

I hate to admit it, but you lost me on this one.
I'm sorry to hear it :\
The Jopp
*Sigh* Where am i gonna get my daily fix now? frown.gif Ok, the Google Group might work but it is still not the same...
How did this website "start" Maria Mercurial?
Superfly, you're making me feel old. I shall have to hurt you.

It's code, for those who know what was going on there. It is a reference to one of the original modules "Mercurial" that starts in the night club "Underworld 93." where big stars like Maria Mercurial got their start.

When the lounges here closed a few years ago Jr. Woodchuck set up forums for those of us who wanted to chat about non-SR stuff. Sharing experiences and world views, movie reviews, recipies and even colors from a wedding.

Rather than leave us high and dry he set up a google group that seems very much like the oriignal FASA site (ok I'm dating myself there as one of the gamers who use to hang there back in the day.)

Jopp, the outstandingly good news is that the club has re-opened under new management by Stumps at
Calvin Hobbes
Well, it's not like anyone else will date you.

Badum Ching!
Hocus Pocus
sacreblu! i now know his name! muh-ha-ha! i know his true name and hench power over him. I almost missed this little gem but i was avoiding the wife so one extra click, cool beans!

and aww shucks foxy, i wouldn't say great, more like king adonnis. A gallant, urbane,axiomaticly pious, man about town whose cornicopia of compassion, and conflagration of studliness causes the stars to burn to embers vying to compete with my radiant sexiness.

remember the lounge? ah how i was the envy of every woman on the board. Still am too nest pa? wink.gif
you mean you have really big man boobs?
SL James
QUOTE (Snow_Fox @ Aug 8 2006, 07:17 AM)
Jopp, the outstandingly good news is that the club has re-opened under new management by Stumps at


That's just... Wow.
Hocus Pocus
QUOTE (Snow_Fox)
you mean you have really big man boobs?

not only that, but i have an hour glass figure, pouty moist suculent lips, and a toenail clipper wink.gif VOGUE!
Warmaster Lah
>> Feth. I got my start at the Underground about four years ago. Three months before that and they probably wouldn’t even have let me in the club. Then I met my Sensei…. and he was enough of a gambler to take me along…. What a wild run! Especially for a newbie like me. … To this day I can still close my eyes remember that first meet at old “93”
>> WarmasterLah
>> “Sword and Mind for hire.”
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