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Full Version: Multiple pilots
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The Jopp
What can we insert pilot programs into? Well, I asked this one in the sticky, most related to commlinks but what about vehicles.

Letís assume we have a Bulldog Stepvan with 4 weapon mounts and a pilot program. Could the following things have been done.

Would it be possible to have multiple pilots on the vehicle, one in each weapon mount? The vehicle pilot can focus on driving and the weapon mounts can be assigned different targets.

It stands to reason that it should be possible since one would be able to have dedicated pilot programs for each task (jamming, driving, shooting) The question is what response would a turret have? Dumb item (response 1) so it would cost money. OR would a weapon mount consist of rating 4 response due to it being a security item?
Rotbart van Dainig
Yes, but those lack sensors. (Pilot programs can be added to devices, too)
And if you want more weapons - bolt some smart firing platforms to it.
Is it possible to have a smart firing platform that can be worn as a backpack?
And if so what would you say the largest size gun one should be able to mount on it, as the wearer should be affected by any uncompensated recoil?
why does everyone talk about bolting smart firing platforms onto vehicles? honestly, i just can't see it working whatsoever, since it would probably just end up being in whatever spot you could put a weapon into normally, and at that point i would charge you the cost of a weapon mount for reinforcing the structure... trying to get around the intent of the rules so blatantly is just looking for orbital bovine bombardment IMO (it's one thing to accidentally miss something and try to do something... it's another thing entirely to intentionally try to walk all over the rules so that you can be more powerful than everyone else, which makes the game less fun for others).

now then, i will point out that there is absolutely no limitations, whatsoever, that prevent you from putting a smart firing platform on a weapon, and then installing that weapon into a weapon mount on the vehicle.

each platform will have a pilot, and a sensor rating (and i think a clearsight program too, and definitely a targetting autosoft), so you may wish to consider that option to achieve your goal.

just remember, sensor assisted gunnery gets a lot better when you have 5 drones (the vehicle + 4 platforms) all using teamwork rules for the sensor test =D
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