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Blade Runner leaps to everyone's minds, but what else is there out there that puts your mind into "Shadowrun Mode?"

Personally, I've always seen The Running Man as something with potential, regardless of Arnie's acting capabilities. But, are there things that just scream "Shadowrun" that you all would suggest?

Me and my Blockbuster online account challenge you to test our movie watchingness.
Dear Gawd, another one?

Former threads regarding movies and Shadowrun.

Shame on me for not checking forum history, I suppose.
Johnny Mnemonic.

Do *you* have parents and stuff?
Mr. Unpronounceable
Well, there's Strange Days...

which is basically about a BTL dealer who gets involved tracking down the source of snuff BTLs.
As far as my group goes...

The Usual Suspects
Escape From New York/LA
Mission Impossible
Blade 1&2
Clear and Present Danger
Total Recall
Proof of Life
Johnny Mnumonic, Strang Days, Dark Angel (a TV show but still) there are others but that is what I can think of off the top of my head.
Shh. Everyone just be very quiet, and let this thread go away on it's own.
That's what I was hoping when I put up the links. *sigh*
I know that I shouldn't contribute to another movie thread, but I just saw this excellent movie called Romasanta but released in the United States as Werewolf Hunter.

As a word of warning, there are no werewolves in this movie. There is no magic and the technology is limited to what would be found in 1851.

It is about a guy named Romasanta, supposedly the world's first documented serial killer. He was convincted of murdering 15 people and confessed to murdering many more.

What the movie lack in magic it makes up for in decomposed boobies, 19th century autopsies, implied cannibalism, and the explicit scraping of body fat from the butts of corpses.

Romasanta was a fine piece of work. An elegant gentleman, he would seduce women and become close to them. When they let down their guard he would kill them, eat them, and use their body fat to make soap. Their remains would be dumped in the woods and many of the attacks would be blamed on wolves. He is a twisted social adept by any other name.
He had an unsophisticated accomplice whom he had convinced that they are both werewolves. The accuracy of that claim is very much in doubt; there is an explicit scene in which a wolf transforms into Romasanta, but that was purely in the flashback of a deranged man. It is possible that Romasanta could be an Shadowrun style Shapeshifter but there is reliable evidence to support this. He actually does use lycanthropy as a defense at his trial, successfully (as the real Romasanta did). But, while he claims to be a werewolf we never see a transformation outside of an insane flashback. We never see him regenerate, but the only major wound he receives is inflicted with a silver weapon. While the real-life Romasanta is clearly insane, the movie goes to great lengths to let the viewer decide if that is true or not regarding the film version.

There is also some ambiguity in the relationship between Romasanta and his final lover, around which the movie revolves. In the beginning, they are apparently devoted to each other and Romasanta's apparent devotion never wanes, even after she discovers the truth and turns against him.WHe are left to wonder if he truly loved her unconditionally or if he is just that good at playing people and simply didn't have a chance to finish his game with her.

The quality of Werewolf Hunter is quite excellent. The acting is superb. You are literally feel the emotions of the man characters. The special effects and minimal, never cheesy, and always believable.

I'd also like to recommend The Russian Specialist, The Cutter, and Manos: The Hands of Fate.

The Russian Specialist is a generic action movie starring Dolf Lundgren as some sort of specialist from Russia. The violence is nice. I couldn't bear to sit through it.
The Cutter is the worst movie that Chuck Norris has ever made. It may be the worst action movie ever made.Every bit of it is cheesy. It has evil Nazis.
Manos: The Hands of Fate is regarded as the worst movie ever made, supplanting Plan Nine From Outer Space. It is that bad. But, it does have half-naked women being fondled by a Satyr in their sleep. That has to count for something. Incidentally, Manos means hands. Therefore, the full English title of the movie is Hands: The Hands of Fate.
Speaking of bad movies, I saw bits of a Lundgren movie called Bridge of Dragons. It was bad, you have a world that is western in feel with asian royalty (like the princess), soldiers similar to nazis in outfit, people bartering for slaves and horses while interspersed with helicopters and cars. Oh yeah, the princess runs off before her marriage with the evil general to join with the rebels and our hero is sent after her to recover her. They fall in love and work together against the general who had killed the king so he could marry the princess and take over and blah blah blah.

Manos: The Hands of Fate, that was a feature on Mystery Science Theater 3000 years back.
SL James
Indeed. For a long time it had the honor of being the Worst Movie ever on the IMDb (before people saw Ed Wood and bought into the mythos of Plan 9 from Outer Space).
Hmmm... if wiki is right, the movie was made on a bet.

Hmmm... a film on a 19,000 dollar budget.
Left out Blade, The Professional, The Saint, Boondock Saints, The Jackal, and Snatch
Blade was mentioned.

Things to Do in Denver When You're Dead, however, was not. For shame.
QUOTE (eightball1011)
Left out Blade, The Professional, The Saint, Boondock Saints, The Jackal, and Snatch

Have you even read the links? All have been discussed exhaustively, multiple times. When you said blade was left out, have you even read this thread itself? Look up, Schaeffer mentions blade even.
PBTHHHHT, for God's sake if someone wants to start a new movie thread, who cares? Just don't read it. =)
It just irked me when he didn't see one said in THIS thread.
Oddly the movie Freejack comes to mind.
I try to get my runs to feel like Ronin, but for some reason the players always turn them into The Big Hit.
QUOTE (Wolfshade)
Oddly the movie Freejack comes to mind.

I suggested freejack in one of those other threads wink.gif. (I probably even sparked your memory there cool.gif).
I'll just repeat myself here: I based my basic Lonestar patrol on this movie (I added drones, of course).

I just liked the way how Mick Jagger (with a big helmet) drove his APCs and support vehicles through the slums.
Warmaster Lah
I know there have been millions of these threads but I'll add mine anyway!!

Not necessarily just Shadowrun-like movies but inspiration as well.

Ghost Dog
Oceans Eleven
Ghost in the Shell (all day long)
Eightman After is good too for the cyberware thing.
Sin City (for that grimy back alley feel)
Aliens 2
Aliens Resurrection (Ok, but the crazy team aspect, old overrun facilities, experimental subjects.)
The Good Theif
I kind of wanted to try a Shadowrun in Space… Heh then Firefly came out…
Stargate SG1 (in some ways, sure they are more D foundation craziness but)
King Kong (A mission into the South American awakened rainforest.)
Lawnmower Man.
Ravenous (Kind of awakened/twisted path adept thing.)
Brotherhood of the Wolf
Seven Samurai (Not really shadowrun related but I always wanted to do a run like that)
Wizards (The dang movie had the awakening in it. Just set after apocalypse.)
Minority Report.

Shanshu Freeman
season 7
SL James
QUOTE (Warmaster Lah @ Aug 10 2006, 04:27 PM)

Gah, What the hell is wrong with you people?

QUOTE (Me from another one of these cursed threads)
How do I say this politely? Oh, yes.

Fuck that shit.

Jack and his gay man-purse can blow me (Kiefer, too, and may). He's one-dimensional, Mary Sue-ish, and lacking in any appreciable characteristics that make him any more interesting to me than the mooks he kills or any of the legions of munchkin assholes I've seen in my years of gaming. The show sucks, and can't seem to carry a plot for 42 minutes that doesn't involve blowing shit up. It is poorly-paced, unrealistic, poorly-written, melodramatic tripe (and this is coming from someone who watches The OC religiously). I managed to watch the entire first season until the last two episodes when I nearly vomited at the poor writing and plot cop-outs, and the last episode... Jesus fucking christ. "Hey, you know the bad guys who have been doing all this shit for the last 23 hours? Jack killed them before the opening credits." That's a crack writing team they've got there. By which I mean, the writing team seems to be on crack.

Not to mention the fact that if he and CTU are so fucking badass, why is it that terrorists have in the last four seasons managed to penetrate every level of government to its core, release multiple WMDs, and for all intents and purposes kill umpteen thousand people without any appreciable effect?

Sin City (for that grimy back alley feel)

Yeah, the whole movie I couldn't help but think how realistic it was...
Of all the movies listed.....Ronin has the most Shadowrunny feel to it, IMHO

Has anyone mentioned The Warriors yet?
Oh heres a freakin goldmine of run hooks for you:

The Shield

Best damn police drama ever! Vick Mackey is kinda how I pictured Hatchetman before the...uh..."changes" he went through.
I deliberated about starting a new movie thread or bringing back this one. As much as I'd like a dedicated thread to discuss the SR implications of this particular movie, I cannot, in good conscious, create another movie thread. Moral decency compels me to set a good example by resurrecting an old movie thread which fits my topic quite well.

The movie, my friends, is Hard Candy and it is, in my opinion, the Single Greatest Shadowrun Movie Ever Made.

What makes Hard Candy so special? Well I can't tell you because that would spoil the entire movie. It is one of those things that just grips you from beginning to end but loses some of its power once everything has been explained. Its strength is in its ambiguity and that ambiguity is played for all it is worth. It is something that should be watched fresh. But, it is the single grittiest movie I've ever seen. It is one of those films where there is no good or bad, black or white, or up or down. You've just got characters doing what they do. The movie doesn't tell you who to root for, it just tells you what happens. That is quite rare in modern storytelling.

[ Spoiler ]
Kyoto Kid
...just viddied Clockwork Orange the other night (sorry. the lingo kind of sticks). I must say, seeing it on the big screen in the Cinema again after having played SR for a number of years now made me think a bit.

Society is basically on the rocks.

Gangs like Alex and his droogs run rampant and wantonly indulge in what they term "Ultraviolence" and other unsavoury acts on a nightly basis. This violence is not just limited to other groups of "droogs" but also perpetrated against the citizenry at large.

The use of drugs (Milk Plus) to enhance and heighten the experience

The use of distinctive street slang.

The police portrayed as a a brutal military-like organistion. (not unlike the description of the UK National Police in the London Sourcebook and Shadows of Europe)

People in power using those less fortunate (in this case the criminal element) to advance their own political agenda (just insert Johnsons and Corps where needed).

True there were no guns, no magic, & no meta races but these aside I could see distinct parallels to the societal setting as portrayed in Shadowrun.
Debbie Does Dallas.

Kyoto Kid
QUOTE (Kagetenshi)
Debbie Does Dallas.


...only if the campaign is set in Loveton by the Puayllup Barrens...
Wounded Ronin
The Best of The Best just inspired me this weekend. It's got Midwestern auto workers with mullets battling robotic and philosophical asians. How much more SR can you get?
Since this topic comes up so often, perhaps it should be stickied up top?
Stickying is not a replacement for the search feature.

QUOTE (Wounded Ronin)
The Best of The Best just inspired me this weekend. It's got Midwestern auto workers with mullets battling robotic and philosophical asians. How much more SR can you get?

Do Ninjas appear in the movie? biggrin.gif
Wounded Ronin
QUOTE (Grinder)
QUOTE (Wounded Ronin @ Mar 26 2007, 01:16 AM)
The Best of The Best just inspired me this weekend.  It's got Midwestern auto workers with mullets battling robotic and philosophical asians.  How much more SR can you get?

Do Ninjas appear in the movie? biggrin.gif

No, but the American taekwondo team wears black to the final tournament.
Payback with mel gibson.

TOTALLY shadowrun.

one of the few i think actually gets the mood right.

EDIT: i just used the search engine(yay me!), and it seems i'm the first person to mention Payback as an SR film!

I'm surprised no has mentioned Streets of Fire.

Perfect inspiration for low tech runs involving music.

Also, Eddie and the Cruisers (since On the Run is basically a retelling)
Can you give me a short description of the movie?
A pop idol is kidnapped by a biker gang (the bombers), so her ex-soldier, ex-boyfriend is called to rescue her.

fairly simple story and plot, however it's the combination of costumes (30's, 50's, 80's, and dystopia), sets (fluorescent lights, sewer smog, always raining, etc), and musical background that really scream Shadowrun to me.

Here. Watch the trailer and tell me it's not Shadowrun.

Anyway, here's more info:
I did a search and did not see this title come up. It is not anything really violent or cyberpunk, but it helps catch a mood of the 80's.

Mr. Mom with Michael Keaton. The movie captures US attitudes towards the Japanese business takeover, japanese corporate culture, morning calisthenics at the job, etc..
DuckEggBlue Omega
Just because I happened to see it the other day, Planet of the Cannibals.
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