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Full Version: Ted in Loose Alliances
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Samaels Ghost
Talented hacker
refers to self in third person
sexually ambigous (refers to self as female at one point)


At what point does homage to a character in popular fiction become plagarism? Am I overreacting? Is the reference to Edward vague enough that this isn't a problem?
......ep.....gah.......what's going on? Is this okay to everyone else? Is this acceptable?
SL James
Dude. If that's the worst case of plagiarism you've found in Loose Alliances, you haven't hit the UN section.

And, no, it's not. But it's not exactly ... uncommon.
Samaels Ghost
Really?! There's more?! Throwing in pop-culture references into your individual games is one thing. Publishing those references, er, borders on unacceptable. hate engine grows! I must ask, what other atrocities have been commited? What else is ripped off?
SL James
Check out UNATCO in the UN section and the comments by JC Denton.
Samaels Ghost
I catch the reference, but I never played the game.
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