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Full Version: Street Index Questions
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If a item has a steet index of one is it's cost then unchanged? Example: if a sub-machine gun costs 300.00 nuyen.gif, then multiplied by a SI of 1 it would cost 300.00 nuyen.gif . Is this correct? Aww. screw it. I basicaly don't understand the steet index so could some one just explain it to me. I'm just having a realy slow day.
SI is a multiplier to the cost, so yes, SI of 1 means that on the street the price for an item is the regular price times 1, or the regular price.

The listed price is what a corporation or legal purchaser would pay for the item in a store. The black market, where Shadowrunners purchase most gear, will have a higher or lower price for the item depending upon supply and demand. To determine the black market, or "street" price for an item, multiply its listed price by the Street Index.

For example, an Ares Predator in almost-new condition with no warranty, no assurance of quality, and no background check, is available on the street for 1/2 the price (Street Index = .5) that a reputable store would sell it for.

But a Ranger Arms SM-3 sniper rifle (S.I. = 4) sells on the black market for 4 times what a corp would pay. Very low supply, decent demand. If you can find one for sale (availability 12) the seller is going to charge a high price before he lets it go.
In addition...

The Street Index can change over time or be different in different areas. For example, during a Mob War in Seattle, all firearms, ammo, and firearm accessories might be 25% higher on the street. Or, in the Pueblo sector of Denver the S.I. of guns might be 15% more while the S.I. of computers might be 15% less. The GM has final say over what price an NPC will demand to give you a piece of equipment.

When acquiring gear during character creation use the regular listed price.

When selling new gear to a Fixer or Fence on the black market, expect to get no more than 20% to 50% of the street price if they have no means to get that gear from a legitimate source. If the Fixer has the paperwork or contacts to acquire that gear from a store or distributor, he'll be unlikely to pay you more than 20% to 50% of the retail price.

Expect less when selling used gear. Expect less when selling "hot" gear that can be identified.
Expect less when doing anything, really.

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