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Full Version: Wireless tricks for extra 'actions'
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Was talking to a friend about running another game, and he mentioned I should do bad things to a possible player if he gets out of line again. I mentioned about magic items with a binding to word, to go off out of initiative... and suddenly realized one could _possibly_ do this in SR, with a nice GM biggrin.gif

here's the idea. link up a smartgun to a commlink. have program on commlink to fire the gun on a word. commence shouting as a free action off your turn (I think you can do that in SR.... course, should check that. usually I allow it, although rarely a real reason too...) *read read* yup, as long as your first action has happened.

so, what do people think... I would so ban it like no tomorrow, though no one's done it so far.... (could do this with other tech things too)
Sure, you could fire it. You wouldn't have time to actually point it at anything, of course.
The Jopp
QUOTE (Geekkake)
Sure, you could fire it. You wouldn't have time to actually point it at anything, of course.

Actually, you could.

Spend two simple actions for aiming and then let the gun fire by wireless voicecommand as a free action.

Still, sounds like cheating.
Samaels Ghost
Except you could just SHOOT with those actions. For that matter, pulling the trigger should be a Free action. But it isn't.

You're gonna be one weird Sammie. You'll be yelling out loud like Parapa the Rappa. "SHOOT! SHOOT! SHOOT!"

....Kick, Punch, it's all in your mind
if you wanna test me I'm sure you'll find
the more I teach ya'
the more I'll beat ya'
But never the less you'll get a lesson from teacher!
Well, think about it. You leave those weapons where the enemy can't see them but would be shot by them, lure the enemy between the guns, and then shout. Great way to also take out mages hiding behind muscle.
I'm wondering if grenades have wireless detonation function.
There's a type that does. They're typically called mines, though.
Do what the smart kids do.

Get a cyberlimb with a pop-out compartment. Or a harness. Attach a micro-drone, load micro-drone with firing-at-stuff autosofts. Attach weapon to drone. Have the drone take independent actions with a small weapon. Bingo, two for the price of one.
My thoughts for this are have a drone slaved to the smartlink of your guns, you fire at it the drone fires at it. My particular take was with a rigger/sam using dual weilded smgs and cyberarm gyromounts with two dalmation vectored thrust drones loading Ares alphas.
Or replace all you limbs with wireless cyber replacements, loaded them full of guns and then rig yourself in full VR.
James McMurray
Microdrones can't have weapon mounts. Unless you've found a microdrone with a 3 Body.
had a similar idea slaving drones to shoot at a laser designated area. had image of some small 'little girl' rigger hiding into a doorway... points laser pointer at gang who laughs... then a half dozen assualt rifles track that red dot of doom on full auto...

I'd allow similar ideas to some extant, but limit it as I felt necessary... and remember, other people can do these same tricks to you...
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