I'm currently working on a Matrix Project for SR3, and was looking for some help with a design idea I had.

For the Host generator part of the project I thought it might be cool to have different types of hosts, with slight modifications to their stats after the Security Value and Subsystem ratings are determined. For instance, a Chokepoint might have a bonus to Access and Index subsystems, and penalties to Files and Slave, while a Database might have a lower Index (as they are designed to be easily searched) with a higher Files rating (to protect the stored information).

The design I'm working with now provides full customization after the random rolls anyway, but having a designated subtype will add flavor to the run as well - instead of decking through Host A to Host B to Host C for the paydata, you would Hack the Chokepoint to get to the Network Hub and then find the Database with the file you're looking for.

Here are some I have been kicking around. Please critique them, or list new and creative ideas and I'll try to add them to the project!

Chokepoint : ++Access, +Index, -Files, --Slave
Database (File Server) : +Files, -Index
Network Hub : +Control, -Access
Device Driver : +Slave, -Files
Trap : --Access, ++Control