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Full Version: A Tad Confused....
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I came to about a week ago to research for a possible campaign. Now that I am beginning the campaign in earnest, I will most likely be posting regularly. My question is, didn't this site look different last week? I seem to remember a lighter color scheme and a whole lot more threads in the hisory. Am I high or something?
Yes, your readouts all indicate that you are, in fact, very high indeed. Get down off of the bunkbed now, young man!

The forum went to new software and presentation just a few days ago. If there's something you saw (and liked) that's gone now, just post a request for it to come back and hopefully the originator will repost it.
You can also access the old forums [read only] at
Great thanx guys..I was really confused. I didn't see any threads about the "new" forums. I guess I will lurk a bit on the old forums before I post something that has been covered a million times.

Oh yeah WTH is up with the Ares Slivergun? (J/K)
Don't worry too much on it, Red Knight, most themes have already been discussed hundreds of times, from music to inmortal elves, and they just keep showing up! eek.gif
Dark Scrier
QUOTE (RedKnightSpecial)
Oh yeah WTH is up with the Ares Slivergun? (J/K)

A slivergun? Sounds like a pretty good secondary form for an Ally Spirit.
Fygg Nuuton
hmmm, maybe you could dikote it and then take it to dinner.... wait, no! you coud just f....
Dark Scrier
To Dinner?

If getting to automatically avoid the wooing stage isn't what Ally Spirits are about, then maybe I've missed the point of HAVING Ally Spirits.
The White Dwarf
Well, see, the thing about that is ... Hey, whats that over there!!!

*sound of The White Dwarf's booted feet running to the door*
*sound of door opening and slamming*
*camera moves to show dwarf hands hovering over a big, red button...*

Less than 24 hours... it's got to be a new record.
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