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Is there a place that has all the actions you can do. Listed by free,simple,complex for each discipline. Like the one they had in the sr3 comp.

Page 137 of SR4 has a neat little table with combat actions... and, well, yeah. Right around in there, page 135 and on for four or five pages.

Unless...I'm really misunderstanding what it is you're after.
Unofficial GM Screen PDF

This has a nice set of actions listed in a chart on the last page.
From the BBB (Big Black Book):
Basic free, simple, and complex actions: pp. 135-138, BBB.
Magic actions: pp. 168-169, BBB
Matrix actions: pp. 219, BBB.

All the descriptions of spells, spirit powers, and sprite powers state what type of action the spell/power requires. Look them up yourself, you lazy person! biggrin.gif
Well I was hoping someone had put it in 1 place and easy to print and use.
Man you guys reply fast. Cool I will try all those.
Dread Polack
Surprised nobody mentioned pg. 349 of the BBB. It has all the actions in the book, AFAIK.

Dread Polack
*forehead slap*

Oh, what does AFAIK mean? I've been wondering about that, as well as about YMMV. RAW I already know. smile.gif
Dr. Dodge
AFAIK - As Far As I Know

YMMV - Your Mileage May Vary
zero skill LPB
Bow down to wikipedia!
Thank you.
it helps to have a history of irc use when it comes to these acronyms, or whatever its called.

and yes, that list seems to have most or all of the actions. put i must say i prefer the one in the unofficial "gm screen" pdf. its color coded and split into groups so that you can see general, combat, rigging, magic and matrix actions at a glance.
Dread Polack
That GM screen is pretty nice, tho I put so much work into making my own that I try to use it.

I'm running a SR session with my D&D group, who have never played SR, and one of the thing's I've done is copy the action list from the pdf, and make lists of just the actions available to the individual characters, with brief notes (what to roll, etc.) underneath each one, and kept the page references. It ends up being about half a page for each character, wasn't much work to create, and will likely save me a lot of explaining during the game. I've got them listed by "Common actions," "Combat actions," "Hacker actions," "Rigger actions," and "Magical Actions."

We'll see how it works out. I can post it here if you want.

Dread Polack
there is a set of cheat sheets floating around for common actions.
they are aimed at "fill out ones" kind of use for each spell, spirit, drone and whats not. i have them printed as a booklet handout so that people can look up the action they are attempting and do the maths based on the check list provided.

where did that link go?

something tells me someone should create a sticky with those links up top.
These ones Cheat Sheets ?
thanks smile.gif
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