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Full Version: Cyberware question
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So I got a question, if your character has cyberware that subtracts from his Essence, does he get the Essence back if he takes the cyberware out? Or at least if he exchanges it for sweeter gear? Cause they always talk about StreetSams hunting the highest level gear, but it seems like you would run out of Essence really fast if you hafta subtract the full cost of each piece of 'ware, even if you already have something there.
Samaels Ghost
I play it as Essence lost from implants leaves a hole in your essence. Take it out, you still have the same loss, but implants can be put in that hole at no additional loss.
Thats how I remember it being described as working in SR2, so Im pretty sure thats right.
Cyber Watcher
Same here, any cyberware, implanted and then removed leaves the same essence loss. And therefore you have that slot to fill with new improved gear, which means you can usually implant more gear as you get into the delta and gamma gear.

Yours Cyber Watcher
Nice going CyberWatcher!

Now we gotta kill HullBreach! Sheesh!
I use the "hole" method for immediate upgrades and surgeries. However, I also allow a very slow, gradual "healing" of Essence, if the 'ware is removed. This requires months (or years, depending) of chemical and nano treatments, physical therapy, etc. However, it allows the body to repair that central nervous system damage, for retirees, and such.
Hmm I see, I like the Hole Technique, that's more or less what I was thinking of using anyways. Thank you very much, everyone.
QUOTE (HullBreach)

:walks in wearing a black suit with sunglasses, aims a pocket flashlight at Hullbreach and turns it on and off really quick.

There is no gamma. The word you heard was "beta." Oh, and you're going to check your email and playtest the weapon I sent you.
Chrome Shadow
Essence can't be regained. If you take your cyber off, you lost your cyber advantages, and since you allready had lost your essence, you lost everything.
In 3rd Edition you could fill those Essence "holes" with cyberware. I suspect they will add it back in with Arsenal(?).
Augmentation most likely.
Augmentation not aresenal.. aresenal is weapons and such....
Ah. When I was loitering around the booth, I heard Arsenal was going to update Rigger 3, Man and Machine, and Cannon Companion in one book. Glad they're taking a more sane approach. biggrin.gif
Cabral, they can manage to do that while still being devoted only to equipment and weapons. Man and Machine, Cannon Companion, and Rigger 3 all had items that should have been in Cannon Companion.
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