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Full Version: Burning Edge?
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OK, so this has been a topic of much debate at our table (Even though the precise circumstance has only arisen once).

Can you burn an edge if you've spent all you have?

I personally feel not, as edge is supposed to represent your "special something" to save your butt, and if you have current edge: 0, than you're out of that "special something".

However, the alternative justification is that edge can't easily come back, so the burn would be justified.

How does everyone else here feel?
Samaels Ghost
Burning has nothing to do with current edge. Let em burn, it'll cost them quite a bit. They'll feel the burn
Well, you can buy more Edge with Karma, so why not burn Karma if Edge isn't available?
We played you could. Because burning edge reduces your EDGE attributte, so you don't need any unspent, you can still reduce your max value.
Dread Polack
Yeah, that's how I see it. There's your Edge attribute; and then there's your "Current Edge" or "Temporary Edge," or even "Edge Points." The points can be spent to 0, and you can still "burn" your edge attribute, knowing that when your edge points refresh, they'll only refresh to their new rating.

Dread Polack
James McMurray
We allow burning the attribute even if the pool is empty.
QUOTE (FanGirl)
Well, you can buy more Edge with Karma, so why not burn Karma if Edge isn't available?

I see your point, but I would say have to have already bought the point. Just because you are saving up to buy something it shouldnt be avaliable to save your but with.

Also edge gets cheeper as you lose it. A PC with 2 edge could just keep some karma in the bank instead of buying the 3 point in edge.
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