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Full Version: Favorite SR main character?
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emo samurai
Dirk Montgomery? Argent? Someone not made by Nigel D. Findley?
Wounded Ronin
Chuck Norris, who else?
I always liked Estios, but he's not really "main character" material.
main character from the RPG books? from the novels? it would always depend on what the bounds of the question. But the first answer off the top of my head is Fastjack..
Wounded Ronin
Have any of you seen the Chuck Norris film "Lone Wolf McQuade"? If not, that's the only reason why you're saying things that aren't "Chuck Norris". "Lone Wolf McQuade" was practically a demonstration of why Chuck Norris dominates your Shadowrun. Chuck Norris uses custom vehicles, martial arts, a Low lifestyle, and a variety of firearms while being totally disapproved by the establishment, and he spends the whole movie looking unkempt and living out in the desert. None of the SR main characters are as rugged and cool as him.

Besides, who can forget the opening scene?

"A Texas Ranger once kicked my dad's teeth out. Doo doo doo teet doo. Would joo do that to me, Texas Ranger?

And then Chuck Norris kicks the guy in the mouth, judo throws two other guys, and finally grabs an uzi and sprays wildly all over the canyon and since he has Submachineguns 54 he automatically hits everyone all around him and makes them die.

EDIT: Read the wiki and be enlightened:
I always loved the Smiling Bandit. None has ever pissed off any corporate scientist as he did back in the old Shadowtech (gotta love the shadowtalk in that book). If it wasn't for him, then I'd choose Dirk Montgomery, probably the most primer runner in any novel, without going away from all logic (like Ryan "friend-of-a-teenager-master" Mercury).
SL James
Pissed her off? I thought she was almost ready to have his children.
Zander Coyote
I'm sure someone will be annoyed with me, but I have to say, free to choose from all sources, I like Harlequin. I'm a big fan of crazy, what can I say. Hamlet esque I guess...

I like Bandit and the ally spirit from Burning Bright
All your Base belong to Wolfgang Keis
Hatchman, Matador, or Hang Fire
Justin Cray
Kid Stealth.
Chrome Shadow
Ufff I like a lot of characters...

From the novels:

Dirk Montgomery

Jack Slater, Duran, Elvis an dthe rest...

Striper and Raman...

Rico and his crew from Fade To Black...

Serrin and those english deckers...

Ghost, Dodger and Sally...

Argent is great, and so is Ryan Mercury (one has all the Delta grade cyber, the other al the magic mombo jombo).

Verner, Kham, Sly, Harlequin, Aina, Wolfgang, Raven, Kid Stealth, Tom Electric, Valerie, Zig, Zag...

And lots more I'm forgeting...
Slithery D
When it comes to shadowtalk in the sourcebooks, Rabid uber alles.

Michael Sutherland
Dr. Raven
The main character from Burning Bright
Mine are Michael Sutherland (by a wide margin), Dr. Raven, and Dunkelzahn.
emo samurai
QUOTE (SL James)
Pissed her off? I thought she was almost ready to have his children.

I'm sure both emotions can coexist perfectly, if a bit unstably.
Fast Eddie.

And Iggy ("...and the crowd goeth wild!")

Jack Skater and Elvis are prolly my faves, followed closely by Dirk Montgomery and then the original crew of Sally, Ghost and Dodger.
Dodger. The whole way he talked was cool. Later Dodger is kinda messed up.
Fastjack. Duuude.
Captain Chaos. [Holds up a bic!] Moment of silence please...
Sally. How many people do you know who would shove their arm into the jaws of a barghest to wedge them open and then use death touch while the creature's trying to dislodge the arm?
1. Skater
2. Dirk Montgomery
3. Kam
4. Nameless
5. <Every Character invented by Nigel Findley>


The Grifter
Fastjack, Hatchetman, and Slamm-O!

And Talon!

Hachetman- Bummed me out what happened to him.
Sally T.
I have to vote for the Captain.
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