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Full Version: Point of ally spirit metamagic?
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emo samurai
You can summon them during initiation as an ordeal, and if you can wait for enough karma to summon an ally, then you can wait the extra 15 karma to summon them with an ordeal and probably a group. I'm wondering why you'd take the metamagical feat, unless you could take a normal spirit and add powers as per normal onto it, in which case the metamagic rocks.
Samaels Ghost
Without the metamagic Ally Conjuration, you can't summon an Ally at all.
emo samurai
You can do it as an ordeal.
If you don't have the Ally Conjuration metamagic, and you are making one via ordeal, then you have to take that metamagic as your metamagic from that initiation.
emo samurai
Just read that part, and you're right. Thanks.
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