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Full Version: Adepts and cyberware
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Using implanted cybeer weapons like hand razors, would it be considered an unarmed strike, Just wana know to see if any of the adept powers would work with them, like penetrating strike.
-deleted because of wrong- wink.gif

No. Hand-blades, spurs, and razors count as Blades. Shock hands count as Unarmed. Read the description of the Blades skill (page 111) and the Unarmed skill (page 113) closely, and look at the specializations as well.
Correct, Abschalten. "Unarmed" only covers a very few cyber-implanted weapons (shock fists, I think that's about it). The rest are covered under "Blades" (and are available as a specialization of it).
A houserule in my game is that razors can use either the blade or unarmed skill, player's choice. They also can't be used to parry like other blades.

But if I had to choose one or the other, I'd go with unarmed despite the RAW. Logically they have more in common with fist fighting than sword fighting, at least in my opinion.
Oops, yeah, you are right there, apparantly. smile.gif

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