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Full Version: two rigging questions
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I posted this first question in another spot but figure the two together deserve a discussion.
first does a control rig add its 2d to other actions than controlling a vehicle/drone? does it add to gunnery? what about perception?
second; can a drone or vehicle be outfitted with a smart link gun and would it add its +2dp to gunnery tests made while rigging?
Zen Shooter01
The description of the Control Rig implant on page 331, SR4, says the +2 dp applies to Vehicle skills. Vehicle skills are listed on pgs. 124-125 of SR4. Gunnery is among them. Perception is not.

As far as I know the only modifications available in SR4 are rigger adaptation and weapon mounts, listed on pg. 341, SR4.
QUOTE (Zen Shooter01)
As far as I know the only modifications available in SR4 are rigger adaptation and weapon mounts, listed on pg. 341, SR4.

and sensor packages. don't forget sensor packages. in particular, i will draw your attention to the option of giving a camera to your vehicle/drone, which can receive any of the visual enhancements possible on goggles, glasses, contacts, etc. in particular, those enhancements include the image link and smartlink.

since i see no reason to restrict someone from having a smartgun system installed into the vehicle's weapon system (or in the case of several guns, already built into the gun), that would give you all three components needed for a smartgun to work. in fact, even if you couldn't add a camera to the vehicle, you could add an imaging scope to most guns, which can have an image link and smartlink built in, and which can still technically be used to get full bonuses.

in any event, it would definitely be in addition to the bonus from rigging, if applicable.
ok, so you'd have to have a visual link... but what does the "sensors" attribute stand for then? would you be driving blind? or is that just so you can purchase the other half of the smartlink system? would the rigger's own cyber sm-link work do that for him, or no?

i like your solution, but i just wanna know how it'd work out conceptually and rp-wise.
the sensors attribute defines the vehicle's ability/hardware built in to handle sensory information, i presume. it basically determines the quality of the data you get.

it isn't really stated what kind of sensors drones come with to start (ie, if you don't buy them a sensor package). most people i've spoken to seem to feel that there is some kind of ability to "see" things on the drone's part, generally some kind of radar-ish concept seems to be the most common guess. but this is all speculation, really.
Personally I always assumed a drone would require a camera as a matter of course, but that could just be me. Besides, you can't do much without a camera.
Rotbart van Dainig
A drone comes with normal perception.

Anything more requires sensor packages.
"Sensors" should really be called "Perception" as it reflects how well the co-processor handles data coming in from the sensors. A blind man still has Perception even if they don't have working eyes.

Drones don't need cameras but they do need a sensor suite that would allow collision avoidance, which would include cameras, ultrasound, radar, and laser-rangefinder (aka lidar). Inside most buildings a MAD sensor would also work to a point. A drone who lost all sensors but still has GPS or an inertial guidance system could navigate around, but it would bump into things and might fall into holes.

AFAIK, every drone is delivered Helen Keller style: blind & deaf. You have to buy a sensor package. Note that this means microdrones will have one sensor and minidrones will top out at 3.
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