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Full Version: Trolls, Dwarves, and Vehicles
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Something came up in a game I ran a few weeks back. The player's shadow runners were going to travel across town in a limo as part of a run. Now there are seven player characters and two of them are trolls. It got me to thinking. How do trolls ride around comfortably in any vehicle designed for humans? Are there special troll package vehicles to accommodate their size? How about dwarves?
Dread Polack
I take this one pretty seriously. I've decided that factory-default Dodge Scoot's just won't fit a troll. Most mid-size cars made in the last 40 years have extra head room, and (heavily) adjustable seats and controls to accomodate a dwarf or troll.

Dwarves' feet still dangle, and trolls still have to crouch a bit, but metahumanity has made due.

For flavor, I had a player witness a scene: A bus pulled up to a transit station, the troll driver getting out. Of course, the entire bus shifted on its suspension as he stepped off. A dwarf said hi, and took the former driver's place. When he sat in the seat, he hit a few buttons on a control panel (entering his passoword), and his pre-set position settings kicked in, raising the seat, peddles, and controls to his level.

Dread Polack
I assume that a Dodge scoot bought by a troll at chargen is big enough to fit him about as comfortably as a tall guy fits in a compact car. Now, 7 people in a limo sounds a bit ridiculous to me to begin with (unless one of them is driving and the other one is riding shotgun), and with two trolls...not unless this is one of those stretch Hummer limos.
Famous people travel in limos. Famous people like to have bodyguards. Trolls are the best bodyguards around. I would assume that the average limo today would by defualt be made to hold trolls comfortably.

Also the Johnson should make accomadations if he knows a dwarf/troll is going to be present. YOu don't want to be standing out for everyone to notice you while your trying to get away.
Dread Polack
7 runners, including 2 trolls... only if the limo is meant to fit 10 people.

Dread Polack
1 dwarf + 1 Troll == 2 humans.

So just make sure you pick metas in pairs.
I don't think a dwarf's ass is any narrower than a human's.
Dwarfs are just a problem to themselves. But with trolls... man, I just can't get it to make any real sense. Either trolls can only fit in homes and cars made for them, or every roof of every vehicle and house is 50% higher than today. I tend to trim a bit in both ends, assuming there's a bit more room in general and assuming trolls are not quiet as big as it says, then I fill in the difference with some suspension of disbelief.
i would fully expect the limo to be sized to fit trolls. specificaly, mr corp execs troll bodygaurds. and still have room for his personal assistant, and maybe a couple others.

Ive been in a few limos. ive seen a few more drive past. the troll-limos will probly be built like SUVs (and i have seen stretch SUV limos). at a minimum, you can fit 6 humans, driver, and shotgun. put 2 of your 7 in the front, other 5 in back, 3 humans on one seat, 2 trolls on the other. (do NOT try to fit anything between the 2 trolls).

the trolls will not be very happy, but then who cares about the trolls? (unless they can afford to buy their own limo, then we care very much about your cred)
The space would be the problem but the driving conditions wouldn't. With the ever present wireless connectivity in 2070 all you would need is a commlink and a seat, no need for pedals or steering wheel at all. Since everyone has a commlink, I don't see why you would need to worry about that. The BBB states that dwarf or troll modified gear costs 20% more than normal. However, I always thought that Evo (the always meta-friendly corp wink.gif) would make it more like 10% by 2070s. So just jack the price a little bit and that represents the reinforcement due to hold the trolls weight and a little bit of extra elbow room. Dwarves wouldn't be a problem because the only difference is dwarves have shorter legs, everything else is proportional to humans from the waist up, so just drop the seat. No cost there.

I could see 7 people in a limo with 2 trolls easily. It looks kinda like a sardine can biggrin.gif

A driver, shotgun, 2 trolls against the side benchseat, and 3 others against the back benchseat. A little cramped on the back seat but there is always the floor if they wanna bitch smile.gif

Side note: Dwarf ass is the same size as human ass, maybe even a bit broader.
QUOTE (WhiskeyMac)
Side note: Dwarf ass is the same size as human ass, maybe even a bit broader.

You listening fanpro!?

This is what we mean by 'clarifacations'!!

Seriously though, that is almost sig-worthy:)
You are talking to the guy with a dwarf fetish so I would know biggrin.gif
I'd make troll- and dwarf-sized equipment be normal price for most common gear, but make the cost around 110% up to as much as 125% for less common gear. I'd also impose a -2 modifier for using equipment that was the wrong size, and a -4 modifier for a dwarf using troll gear or vice versa.

The reason I would do these things is because I read the section entitled "Size Customization" on page 300 of your hymnal.
QUOTE (WhiskeyMac)
You are talking to the guy with a dwarf fetish so I would know biggrin.gif

This combined with the comment from your game about a 5 year old runner is very disturbing ... indifferent.gif
I think with two trolls + everyone else if the limo wasn't made to support trolls, the weight inside the car would be a huge factor.
This combined with the comment from your game about a 5 year old runner is very disturbing ...

Cabral, I am in no way associated with pedophilia or the sexual exploitation of anyone under the age of 18. Short does not equal young. The 5 year old runner comment was about the mind of a 5 year old in an elf psycho's body, nothing to do with sex at all.
Well, THAT'S no fun... nyahnyah.gif
QUOTE (WhiskeyMac)
[Serious stuff]

Was only only meant in jest. My appologies if I offended you.
In one of the TSS (The Shadowrun Supplements?) had a chart for of the different races, the average heights/weights with ranges. It was for SR3 but the height/weights should covert over. In the main book the height/weights for trolls were way off.

Now back to a limo for 7 people (5humansized and 2 trolls). Yeah there are limos that big. But it would have to have a bigger door(s) for the trolls. It would be a big one. A very long strecht.

Not the average limo.

just my opinion...
The Shadowrun Supplemental, Adam Jury's project before he went to work for The Man ... wink.gif TSS 9 (check the back issues) has the weights. I highly reccomend his stuff. smile.gif
As with very small people in the world today there are modifications that can be done to your vehicle to allow you to drive. As for trolls I think the Troll modifications was something like x1.75 for the cost of the vehicle (this excluded larger vehicles and compact cars which could not be modified).
Have none of you people seen a stretch hummer? There is quite a lot of floor-to-ceiling volume and the length is rediculous. I've seen at least one that had "french doors" so two people could easily enter/exit at the same time; more than enough for a troll.

The big problem is facing; the larger limos would need multiple rows of seating or else deal with a huge empty space in the middle. I've been told some use that center space for a bar, entertainment system, desk, etc but that there are stretch vehicles with multiple rows of seats, usually with the center row having back-to-back seating to foster conversation. I personally dislike facing away from the path of travel and can see people getting carsick.

I will also point out that dwarf and troll seating needs similar configuration; low seat height gives head room for trolls and lets dwarven feet reach the floor.
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