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Full Version: Mind Probe Clarification
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After looking at the rules for mind probe I noticed something I didn't before.
While its a Touch range spell, it sounds like you can use it from LOS after its cast.

"This spell allows the subject to telepathically probe the mind of a specific target within range of the sense (chosen when the spell is cast)."

To me it sounds like you cast it on somebody(the subject) and choose the sense you want it to use(touch or LOS), then the subject can mind probe any target within the range of that sense.

I was always lead to believe that you touched somebody and probed them, but this sounds like you can keep mind probing everybody you see for as long as its sustained.

Does that mean you choose the sense when cast, or the target?
Or does 'specific target' mean you can only probe the one person and the spell shuts off?

Any clarification on that would be appreciated.
The Mage casts the spell on someone, the Subject, this requries Touch. The Subject uses standard Range for Detects.

p 198
"Range: Th e standard sensory range for a Detection spell
is the casterís Force x Magic in meters. For extended range
Detection spells, the eff ective range of the new sense is Force
x Magic x 10 meters. Note that any of the standard range spells
listed below may be learned with an extended range instead
(adding +2 DV)."

The Subject, on whom the Mind Probe is cast, can probe the Target, the person whose mind will be probed, within Force X Magic Meters.

So yes, the Mind Prober can probe the Mind Probee at range, but the spell must be cast on the Subject by the Caster as Touch.
oh wow... thats toally not how ive been playing mind probe. nyahnyah.gif Guess I need to read things closer!!

Sense refers to the Mind Probe. Range is the standard detection spell range. Both the subject and target are chosen when the spell is cast.
A lot of people don't remember that Detection spells aren't self-only. I had a mage cast clairivoiance on an Adept with the "new" three dimensional memory. The adept also had improved combat ability: throwing weapons and a specialization in grenades. The Adept used clairivoiance to look around a corner, 3d memory to snap-shot the area, wound up and threw a grenade bouncing it off corners to land it where he wanted it as if it was a billiards shot. I threw a lot of modifiers at him, but I loved the teamwork enough that I went easier on them than I should have. The adept's player threw Edge and, all said and done, landed the grenade not too far from where he wanted it. 'Course, the bad guys saw it coming and their mage set up a Physical Barrier to help contain the blast, but that doesn't detract from the concept

Slithery D
The most common use for detection spells cast on others in the "real" SR world would probably be Detect Enemies (Extended) on a protectee by his body guard. Best way to know someone is stalking him.

The best powergamer use of detection spells on others is to quicken your favorites on your ally spirit, who then can constantly scan with Detect Life/Guns/whatever and warn you if anything comes up. You won't want your ally to do any ward busting on his own, but that's a pretty small price to pay.
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