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Full Version: Newbie help :)
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I'm still new to shadowrun, and I need some explanations on raising attributes. I am not really sure about the rules ( SR3 ).

I understand the basic, if you want to raise an attribute from 4 to 5, you pay 10 karma ( new attribute * 2). I also think its the 'base' attribute that counts, without factoring racial modifier or cyberware or anything else ( except adept power I think ).

The problem is when you reach the 'racial modified limit' you have to pay more karma. Is it when the 'total' attribute reach the racial limit, or is it the 'base' attribute? I'm confused.

Thanks a lot
Wounded Ronin
I'm so glad that someone is playing SR3 still. I really am.
Ive just bought another SR3 manual, just to have a spare one at the table.

That has to mean something rotate.gif
we're not bothering with 4th ed at all.

remember when it comes to the racial max, that is the unmodified version. With the add ons a human could, in theory, become as powerful as a troll.

(just thought someone should explain the logic so hopefully in future Juicy Fruits will not need as much help.)
ok so, even if the attribute maximum for an human is 9body, he could get some cyberware and boost it, right?

Thanks a lot smile.gif
Right, with cyberware or magic, but not with bioware or the adept power Improved Attribute since they are considered to be "natural." There is no upper limited for augmented attributes in SR3 except for that iposed by the limits of the technology. Muscle Replacement only goes up to rating 4, for example, and getting high attributes with cyberlimbs is impossible.
As above but you do include racial modifiers in the calculation. Racial mods only matter at chargen. After that your natural attribute rating is the points you alocated plus the racial bonus.
Also, Bioware factors in as well since they are natural.

Some examples:

A human streetsam with Strength 3 and Muscle Augmentation 2 wants to raise his strength.
Since Muscle Aug is Bioware and thus considers natural, he has to pay 10 points of karma. (3 + 2 = 5 * 2 = 10)
If the same sam wanted to raise his strength again he would have to pay tripple the price since he would go beyond the racial max of 6.

A dwarf sam with strength 5 (3 base, 2 racial) and muscle Aug 1 who wants to raise his strength would have to pay 12 Karma. (5 + 1 = 6 * 2 = 12). He can raise his strength up to 8 that way (his racial max). Beyond that he would have to pay tripple.

And yes this is basically the major drawback of Bioware. Once its installed its part of your natural system and therefore you have to work much harder to get better. As opposed to cyberware which just offers a mechanical boost to what you've already got.
QUOTE (hyzmarca)
[...] and getting high attributes with cyberlimbs is impossible.

That's one part of the cyberlimb system I never really liked.

I always felt that if you received bone lacing, you should be able to mount higher strength cyberlimbs that are listed as available (the stronger the lacing, the more powerful the limb). (I do realize that you can't spend karma on cyberlimbs, of course.)
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