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Full Version: Aspected Mana Static spell in SM?
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Slithery D
The SM spell table on pg. 189 lists a manipulation spell called Aspected Mana Static. It's not in the spell list as either a standalone or a subheading of the listed Mana Static spell. In the table it has the same drain modifier (+4) as the regular Mana Static.

I assume this was someone's idea that (wisely) was rejected, but wasn't properly edited out of the spell table. Can anyone who worked on the book confirm this? And why didn't it have a higher drain code before it was removed? And when Emo uses it in his game anyway, how much will he reduce the drain code?
Well, from what I can tell, it's either what the spell was originally called and they didn't edit it out correctly from that, or they were considering a version of the spell for aspect mages to use that would affect their particular aspect (or it let you pick an aspect, thus making a single selection harder.

Excellent queston though.
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