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After our last session, my team has been forced to relocate and leave the Seattle sprawl. We're making arrangements to head for some other coast, and I have a feeling we'll end up in Hong Kong. I then realized most of our careers were spent in the Emerald City, and that got me to wondering, what city do other players find their teams "running" in most of the time?
can't believe you didn't include denver as a base choice.
Most common has to be using a sourcebooked city followed by using your hometown (if you live in or near a metropolis).

So I've only based my campaigns in Seattle and Montréal.
QUOTE (Sammiel)
can't believe you didn't include denver as a base choice.

I can't believe it either. I guess you chose "Other"?
Berlin also should have been on the list since it had a sourcebook in previous editions and likely had it fans.

Paris also had a non-FASA one (possibly only made available in French).
Denver. Boxed set was nice.

New York, San Francisco, Vladivostok are some other locales.
For this group the team is based in Seattle so far, but we've spent a good deal of time on an extended Yucatan/Cuba/Miami 'vacation' and had a 2 session run to Quebec City.
Other. Antwerp, Europort. The United Netherlands really.
Black Jack Rackham
With the regular gaming group, Seattle. Personally am trying to do all the SRM with a friend from college so you can add Denver. I have two ideas for campaigns, on in Boston (near where I live) and New Orleans
We live near London but we use Seattle just for simplicity. We have had some runs in Hong-Kong, I think one in London and one in Azzie-land. Of course, my wife and I are looking at the possibility of moving to Seattle now. Maybe visit Redmond and start the decline...
Seattle, because it's most convenient. Every Player has at least a passing familiarity with it.

I'll most likely start a campaign in one of the "new" places when the winter settles in.
Munich, to be exact (from the german München Noir).
Eryk the Red
My group's in Seattle. Mostly people new to Shadowrun, so I figured that it'd be easiest to start in the "default" city. It's shaping up quite nice, really; we've really developed a unique feel for the city. We're primarily in Tacoma, because I like the whole lower middle class post-industrial feel of it. More organized crime, less megacorps. I did send them on a brief mission to Albany, New York. (Sadly, they're not likely to go back there. It's currently occupied by a massive eastern Native American terrorist organization and is half destroyed.)
I like the feel of Seattle, though. I think I do a pretty good job of making it feel massive. That's why, though they live in Seattle, they've rarely seen downtown, but they spend most of their time in Tacoma. Some of Seattle's "boroughs" (or whatever they're called) are as big as modern-day cities. Downtown (and Renton, and Puyallup, etc.) is part of the city they live in, but it feels very far away.
Seeing I had a new group to run for, I just put them in the Denver area to start. I have not run any of the SRMs except for one from SR3 (which I modified to put in the Denver area) but I am sure I will at least use some of the SRM history/background for my own adventures.

I do take a lot of ideas from my hometown and just plop them into the area the characters are running though, so it is certainly a mix!
Like I said, Seattle has been our main AO since the start with our main cast of characters. They've also been to the Phillipines, Calfree, the NAN, Tir Tairngire, and Las Vegas (damn those Feds who tried to take us in!), but their home is in Seattle (mainly Auburn, Tacoma, and the Redmond Barrens).

We briefly had a new team which began in Denver, and another in the DeeCee Plex.
I generally write up the a new "city" for my campaigns OR run in seattle. I generally like writing my own since it give the players a new arena to play in, instead of the standard ole seattle.

My new campaign will be in miami... but they will go to some of the cities in Runners Havens.

My group runs in Chicago, though none of us live there, and I think I'm the only one who's ever actually visited the city. We like the CZ, and we're playing out a real estate war between corp subsidiaries to snatch up cheap land for the "renewal" of Chicago.

Also, I strongly recommend reading the Sun-Times for all GMs. The sheer abundance of corruption and violence in modern day Chicago will provide an endless stream of run ideas.
Seattle, Las Vegas, and (pre-bug) Chicago are our most common settings. When our SR4 game finally gets off the ground, it'll probably be Seattle for a while, then see where fate takes things.
QUOTE (Geekkake @ Sep 1 2006, 10:08 AM)
Also, I strongly recommend reading the Sun-Times for all GMs. The sheer abundance of corruption and violence in modern day Chicago will provide an endless stream of run ideas.

Agreed: the Sun-Times is a much better source than the Tribune, except if you're looking for fun things to do on the weekend (and when I say "fun things," I mean stuff like going to a summer festival or eating at a nice restaurant, not stuff like blasting away at gangers or being chased by the police). Oh yeah, and the Trib has a better comics section and is much prettier overall, but other than that, it has little to recommend itself.

EDIT: If you don't believe me, just check out this brilliant and insightful feature column.
Mmmm, Vladivostock.
Rhine-Ruhr-Megaplex for our PnP game.

QUOTE (Geekkake)
Also, I strongly recommend reading the Sun-Times for all GMs. The sheer abundance of corruption and violence in modern day Chicago will provide an endless stream of run ideas.

John Kass' column in the Tribune is good for a take on political corruption.

As a semi-random example:
July 16, 2006
Battered Blagojevich has friend in foe
There's only one politician in Illinois who can make Republican gubernatorial candidate Judy Barr Topinka look like a reformer: Gov. Rod "The Unreformer" Blagojevich.

Or the ones about the three connected teeens who sent a 75 year old woman to the hospital after they shot her up with pellet guns and got 25 hours of community service for their "non-violent" acts.

Chicago is a great place, which is why I moved out of the state.
Nowadays Seattle, but on 3rd ed. We run in São Paulo Amazonia.
The campaign I am running in currently is taking place in Seattle, However there has been an ongoing storyline that will end up taking the group to Tir Tairngire, Then to London, then Egypt, and finally at the fruition of the Story to Tir Na Nog and the metaplanes.

The outlook of the entire world could change depending on how the storyline ends. The campaign storyline I am using however is a longterm thing. It has already started but is something really just running in the background that really is only effecting one member of the team.
After many games in played and masterized in Seattle, I play a campaign in Europe (mainly France and currently Paris) and I masterize a big campaign in Korea (mostly based in Seoul for the moment)

- Daegann -
My MiRC group tends to run in Boston. Of course, that's where the GM lives, so does fall into the pattern of either Seattle or the city you live in....
Zen Shooter01
I ticked Other as My campaigns locations vary, currently on an active will be played soonish footing I have, 2 in Denver, 1 in Seattle, 1 in London and one globally based.
Mostly in Seattle

But with a bit of travel every now and then, for a change of pace.
da barrens rock.
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