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Full Version: Robots in the sixth world
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Can anyone point me in the direction of any official (sourcebook source) that talks about robots and their use in the world of 2060+

I can't remember ever reading anything about them, but given the state of drone technology, and SK's, bot's, etc... you would figure that robots would be quite useful and common in this setting.

What got me thinking about this was an atrical in the paper today about a robot built in Japan that can accurately "taste" wines and give a very good description of the flavor, robustness, and what cheeses would go good with it.

SL James
Shadows of Asia, the Japan chapter.
there's robotic housepets in the SSG.
I'm pretty sure that in Runner Havens, they mention that one of the Seoulpa Rings got their hands on some super-realistic sexbots. If I recall correctly, System Failure (which takes place just six years earlier) mentions that a corp developed some super-realistic killbots. I think you can put two and two together. biggrin.gif
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