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Full Version: Ares Alpha and Recoil Comp
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Just a quick question...

The Ares Alpha description says it's barrel design gives it 2 points of recoil comp, but a barrel mounted accessory is still able to be used. Would I be able to throw on Gas Vents (preferrably IV, but I'll take what I can get) on top of the 2 points the gun gives me, giving me an RC equal to 2 + the rating of the Gas Vents?
yes. that's why it's worded the way it is.
Yes. The Ares Alpha's integral recoil compensation system doesn't come from a barrel-mounted accessory, so you can add barrel accessories like a GV 4.
It sounds too twink to be true biggrin.gif but thanks for the info
S'why every gun bunny aspires to the day he or she can put their greedy little grips on one.

On the other hand, if you're a bastard like me, you can simply state that the Ares Alpha's recoil compensation comes from a set of computer-controlled gyromounts located throughout the body of the gun. Thus, a PC can have his cake and eat it too.

However, that computer-controlled gyromount probably ain't gonna be all that durable...
The gun's made for military application, isn't it? By a company which specializes in the field, at that. I'd say it'll be as durable as a titanium brick.
they've also had a lot of time to make more durable computers. being a tough GM is one thing; i won't play more than once with a GM who breaks my toys just because he likes watching me squirm.
Pheh, loosing 2 points of recoild comp temporarily (as in, until the gun gets fixed) is hardly gonna "make you squirm". Assuming its done as an appropriate part of the game (say, after a couple months in the deep field, or after you get smacked down by an elemental in melee for the 6th time in as many weeks) I don't think its inaparopriate for the GM to put some wear and tear on your goodies.

I was kinda pissed when I attacked that kamaikazee drone with my Diakoted Katana and the ensuing explosion destoyed my heavy armor, even though I "only" took a Serious wound. On the upside, the Katana was fine, once they dug it out of my chest and re-bound the hilt. I guess maybe that's the diffrence between "mill spec" and "security" armors...
The integral recoil comp of the Alpha is most likely due to geometry.
of course, mongoose. i've been arguing in the astral thread that a GM should break some toys, if he does it fairly and when it's appropriate.
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