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My group tried SR4 when it came out, some people really did not like it, since then we have changed some players and are going to have another go at it. I have been reviewing it again and I thought before I saw somewhere a max dice pool of 15 or something like that, but I can't find it anywhere. Am I mistaken, or just not seeing it. If so what page do I find it on.
There is no max dice pool per se, so I think you are mistaken wink.gif.

However, 15 dice might be a limit for some skills, with attribute 9 the augmented maximum, plus a skill level 6 (without specialisation). But that is mere happenstance.
Mr. Unpronounceable
Right...the closest I can find to such a limitation is from the errata:


p. 63 Skill Ratings
In the third paragraph, change the second sentence to read:
“Some implants and magic, as noted in their descriptions, may increase the actual skill, creating a modified skill rating, whereas others may simply provide bonus dice to the test (and do not affect the base rating at all). Note that the modified
rating is used when calculating costs to improve the skill.”

So the limit would basically be attribute+skill+(skill modifiers up to 1/2 skill)

Which would still allow rolls of 20+ dice for certain tests.

Even the "Buying Hits" table on p. 56 goes all the way to 39 dice.
QUOTE (Mr. Unpronounceable)
So the limit would basically be attribute+skill+(skill modifiers up to 1/2 skill)

If the PC could always spend edge to increase his dice pool as well, so:
edge+attribute+skill+(skill modifiers up to 1/2 skill)
Max Edge = 7
Max Attribute (troll Str or Bod) = 15
Max Skill = 6
Max Skill Modifiers (caps at 1/2 skill) = 3
For an absolute maximum of 31.

The only two exceptions to this would be pools that included either Magic attribute or Resonance attribute. Since those two skills have no cap, their dice pools are unlimited.
Slithery D
Plus they get foci and mentor spirit dice, Aid from bound spirits, etc.

Also, you need to add two dice for specialization. I think the consensus was that specializaiton dice don't count towards the skill enhancement cap.
Yep, the errata for p109 tells us specializations give bonus dice, not modified ratings.
And if the skill used happens to be something like Athletics there's another 5 possible dice from Balance Augmenter, Enhanced Articulation & Synthacardium - all listing their effects as dice pool modifiers, not rating modifiers.
Oh, and Aptitude in the skill for an extra.
So Apathy's example is now up to the 39 dice listed in that table.
Mr. Unpronounceable
huh...I cut off "+ pool modifiers + edge (if any)" when I posted...

QUOTE (Apathy @ Sep 5 2006, 04:15 PM)
Max Skill = 6

Don't forget Aptitude, which lets you get to 7 skill! smile.gif

Edit: Oh, shadowant didn't.
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