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Full Version: "Pistol Sized"
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The book makes a number of references to "Pistols or Pistol sized" guns, typically with reference to quick draw holsters or hidden arm slides.

Is there ever a definition of what guns are pistol sized? Are machine pistols (I think maybe yes)? SMGs (I'd think no)? Anything else?

You can dual wield SMGs and Pistols, so I'm wondering if that's the group, but that doesn't make sense.

Obviously, it's more than just "Anything that's a pistol" as it references Pistol Sized.

Basically, I'm looking for something that has SA/BF properties, and also can be quick drawn in some form (via slide or holster). Is there something for me? Or only via Arsenal in the future?
Sounds like a machine pistol would do the trick for you. Morpheus quick-draws a machine pistol in Matrix Reloaded, most famously just before he wrecks the SUV carrying those two ghost guys. John Preston in Equilibrium is constantly quick-drawing machine pistols, and even seems to have them hooked into an arm slide.

The Ceska Black Scorpion would probably do just fine for you.
I tend to agree about Machine Pistols. My only concern is that they're fired via the Automatics skill, but that's a minor quibble.

I'm also working on convincing my GM to allow some of the Cannon Companion conversions - the Svalette Guardian would work too, though the clip is only 12. With 3 init passes and burst fire, that's a lot of reloads.

And yes, I think that using the Matrix for reference is a damn fine thing to do. I may play that section for the GM, just to prove it. wink.gif
I know there's a movie thread elsewhere, and frankly I think the Wachowskis are overrated, but I did like Matrix Reloaded a lot, and much of what they do in the first two movies relates to Shadowrun quite a bit.

Kurt Wimmer's last two pics (Equilibrium and Ultraviolet) can also be plundered for ideas and visuals. Though Ultraviolet's infinite bullets can get a little ridiculous.
the slivergun is a heavy pistol, burst capable. and as an added bonus, does a little bit of extra damage compared to what most other heavy pistols do when using flechette ammo.

of course, the best kind of ammo (ex-ex) is not a possibility for the slivergun, but if you want a weapon that no GM can argue against being pistol sized, you've got one there.

alternately, there's always the sakura fubuki, which comes standard with 40 rounds capacity and can load any kind of ammo (in the case of the sakura, i recommend stick-n-shock against most targets, since you'll be doing as much damage as someone using ex-ex iirc, and it has better extra stuff. carry some ex-ex too, of course... )
Well i'd say machine pistols are yes. A throwing knife is okay too. Oh and so is a grenade.
Machine pistols are bigger than pistols according to the concealability table. Make what you will of that.
I remember something like pistol sized doesn't include machine pistols. I might be wrong.

But I allowed them anyway, just for the coolness factor.
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