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Full Version: Aspected mage adept?
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Hi there

I'm wondering if its possible ( or allowed) to create some kind of aspected magician who is also an adept. Using the point based system, this would cost 50 points ( aspected 25 + adept 25 ).

SL James
Nope. But you can gimp a mystic adept.

Er, well... Anything is possible with the rules of a specific game. Just not AFAIK is it possible under the rules in MitS.
oh, damnit!

Cause I spent lot of time thinking about it and figuring out how to allocate 70BP on stats and skills nyahnyah.gif

Anyway, magic adept, here I come! nyahnyah.gif

edit : I guess magic adept cant bind focus at chargen using spell points?
edit2: Hm...No, they can! they receive 6 spell points for spells, spirits and other purposes biggrin.gif
SL James
I suggest geasa.

Lots of geasa.
Well, there are rules for Mystic Adepts (also called Physical Mages, or Magician's Way Adept). Same cost as a full mage (30BP).

Not sure why you picked 50BP as a number (yes yes, adept + aspected magician. Still wonky), but the official ruling is 30BP.

And you can aspect them if you so choose, but it isn't any cheaper than playing a non-aspected one.
Well, at first I wanted to be a mage AND an adept at the same time, but I guess its overpowered nyahnyah.gif

btw, adept magician, they still have to 'buy' the 2pts power 'astral perception' to astraly perceive, right?
Correct. Rules for Magician's Way adepts appear on p.22 of Magic in the Shadows.
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