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I've been mulling this over with 'the gang' for awhile now and we can't come up with a definitive solution.

In short, how the hell are you suposed to bribe someone these days? Given that pretty-much everything is recording transactions these days (and acessing the stored data 'per-person' with blinding speed) and the fact that unusually large sums of money being poured into "Random Bouncer B" accounts would be considerd unusual; how could one even hope to get away with acepting money (not favours/goods mind you) for interesting reasons?

It seems to me that paranoia wins the day and no-one sober is likly to take a risk for some idiot with cash.
Ancient History
Certified credsticks. Good as cash.

When that fails - drugs. Gold. Sexual favors. Karma. Whatever the person wants.
To elaborate on AH's point, you can transfer certified cred onto a person's credstick. Certified cred stays locally on the credstick, it doesn't load into an account. That way, no one knows you have it.

Besides that, you're taking the governement way too seriously. You think the governement is going to send an agent to investigate a bouncer's cash flow? Hell no. Only people with high-profile jobs need to be carefull, and even then, corruption is so rampant, you can just pay off investigators.

I don't think you need to fret. The idea of Shadowrun is that Big Brother Technology is very advanced and offers great potential, but the people behind the technology are rotten and decayed. It's not because the governement CAN know your entire cash flow that they WILL.
Offer to do runs for the guy at a discount or for free. Give a politician some extra cred for his campaign. There are lots of ways to be sneaky about bribing people and many ways that won't need to use cash.

Also in some countries, your suppose to bribe business people. It's how they get paid when they retire.
there is also still paper money, it just isn't common.

but yeah, certified credsticks don't need to show any transaction, because a certified credstick can just be given to someone. it does not require any ID, or anything.
Rotbart van Dainig
Set up an online lottery - those you want to bribe buy a ticket and... win.
generally I give certified credsticks... or even unlicensed/traceable items like guns or drugs or BTLs. those are all generally picked up from gangers or other thugs that I have "disabled".
SL James
Unless credsticks are less than an inch long and have the diameter of your average pencil (neither of which, AFAIK, is true) it seems rather difficult to palm someone a 20 with them.
QUOTE (SL James)
Unless credsticks are less than an inch long and have the diameter of your average pencil (neither of which, AFAIK, is true) it seems rather difficult to palm someone a 20 with them.

No but credit sticks ARE wireless (atleast from my take)...

so you dont 'palm' him the credit stick... but you transfer date from it to him.

Now if he is smart he has a credit stick (or fake sin com) which acccepts....

Even if he takes it to 'his account' nobody looks tiwce at $20 or 20. Now if there is a steady stream of 20 tips (10-20, hundreds a night) that might get attention, but even a few dozen, he could easily have spotted friends drinks, lunch, whatever.

My credit card show numberous 'purchases' that I werent for me, easily trackable on who/what they were for.... Nobody has ever question me (or the people I was buying stuff for) what/why/how....

Its like the why you computer is not real likely to be taken over by some hacker to learn your dirty secrets.... Nothing (most likley) on it to warrant his attention. Now script kiddies are very likely to exploit your computer to do 'bad things' and web site are very likely to track your usage (or your computer usage) to make profiles... but while quite a few people could without too much work very likely find anything on your computer... unless you are a fortune 500 president/account/research director or a goverment offical (or have pissed off somebody with some skills) it just aint woth bothering to break into John/Jan Doe's computer.

Likewise while the electronic trail is there (and if Bouncer X uses his personal com to 'take bribes' and pissed off a even moderatly skill hacker, he could be open for a world of problems); however, 'the goverment', 'the corporations', or even 'the Man' aint gonna bother to check random Joe. Now if Random Joe comes to their attention for something... then its a whole differnt ball park.
SL James
The Man isn't who he should be worried about. It's the owner who is watching his comm's datatraffic.
Well if the Sammy signed an agreement allowing the owner to monitor his privileged information then thats what he gets with the job, though unless they pay very well few are probably going to get this.

If the owner is illegally tapping/hacking the Bouncers comm (and I seriously doubt your average club is extra-territorial), then if the bouncer gets fired for 'accepting tips' the bouncer aint gonna need to work since he reports it to the Star, and the club owner goes away for hacking.

It aint any easier (and very likely far less legal) for the club owner to have the door under camera and 'catch' the palming' as it would be the club owner to get the data transacation.

Also very few clubs would honestly care.

The bouncer are there to see the 'right people' get in. That can by definition go to those able to 'pay' to come in.

When I worked as a bouncer/doorman for a umm gentlemans club, I actually 'paid' minimum wage by the club; I pretty much made money one of two ways. Tips from the girls (usually when working the floor and not the door, and/or from escorting them out to their cars (especially at closing)) and 'tips' from people trying to get in.

Now the second part factored in two ways.

1) (never did personally) If somebody want to ameka little extra money and 'overlook' the ID, one could and the club was fairly well protected (and the doorman left to hang in the wind) if 'busted'

2) (I would do), During busy nights the club would often be 'at capacity' If somebody was willing to pay $20 to me to 'get in' then it can be pretty assured they aer going to be spending considerably more then $20 once inside.

Again the 'owner' never said 'its ok'; however they would hint that working there, you would often make considerably more then the 'minimum wage' paid by the club if you kept your eyes opened and paid attention.

Tipping the 'doorman' aint likely going to get the doorman (or you busted).

No tipping the Lone Star officer 200 to get out of a speeding ticket (and a questionably fake SIN) if not done smartly is a lot more likely to get busted. But if accepting 'tips' the officer had better be smart enough to have it transferred to a credistick, or an account under a 'fake sin' (or a numered zurich-orbital account) or be prepared to explain to IA where these random 'income' is coming from.

WHile perhaps the 'wireless' society makes more infomration available, talk to the military ' more information' is not always better. Very few people can handle the information overload a modern fighter pilot (or gunship pilot) are required to process and streamlining and/or minimizing the information needed is the goal of design.

The 'means' have changed, but those that want to take money without seeing to take money can find plenty of ways (and often even 'hide' the unusual methods).

Small demoniation 'cred-sticks' (credit card/comm-link/numbered account) a 'gift cards' would be made popular by several 'semi-questionable' institutions.

Even now adays every other store it seems (and several resturants) seem to be doing 'debit style figt cards. These could be the 'grey dollar' payment of choice. Effectively small 'cred-sticks' (maybe good at one place but if poplar still a 'tradeable value' or more widely like 'american express gift cards' 'backed by a compnay but good almost 'anywhere').

Everything in SR is 'vague' by design since we cant cast spells, we cant install cyberware, we cant make bullets that knock you out but a very very hard to accidentaly kill with. If you are worried about it 'being noticed' for some reason the rules give a pretty good idea on how to make opposed checks for most any circumstance dont worry about the details on 'how' hacking a comlink, or jumping into a drone works, worry about the 'feel' of hacking a comlink, jumping into a drone, etc effects the scene.

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