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Full Version: Seattle hospital floorplans?
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Next game, I'm planning to send my group into what's termed as "Seattle General Hospital", a hospital complex that nowadays is known as "Group Health Central Hospital", located on Capitol Hill Campus 201 16th Ave. E, and which among other things is known for treating the SINless under the hand. I'm plotting to have my group uncover the organ trade that is done from out of the hospital (as was hinted at in the old Seattle Sourcebook cool.gif ).

Now I've tortured Google Maps for a few good satellite pictures of the location, but I'm missing a floorplan, as for some reason Group Health seems loath to post detailed floorplans of their hospitals on the 'net...or I simply am not good enough to find them. So in the hope of somebody here having some hints, or maybe an actual Seattelite who has a leaflet from said hospital with a general floorplan and the will to scan it and send it my way, I'm posting this here. It would be very much appreciated for sure. smile.gif

I know I don't really need detailed floorplans to pull this off, by the way...illegal organlegging will most likely take place in the subterranean area, and that's more easy to wing up than a proper hospital. But it would be extremely cool props for the game, like the satellite pictures Google Maps coughed up about the complex. So it's not THAT big if nobody can help me, but I figured asking is (still) free, and you never know if somebody doesn't happen to have the answer. smile.gif
You can always pick one here

and pronto, thatīs how it looks in your world.
Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the answer...but that was the first thing I tried. Thing is, since I aim to hand out the satellite pics of the hospital, I'd love some floorplans that actually conform to the general outlines of the hospital in question. smile.gif

Again, I know I don't necessarily need them, but if I could get them, it would be wiz. cool.gif
I followed the link and the third image is of tiggywinkles wildlife hospital. Does this giving merun ideas make me a bad man?
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