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Full Version: Persona-fix BTLs
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I've posted this in a different thread (the newbies campaign) , but please bear with me.

I neeed advise on how to build a nasty Persona-fix BTL for an elven poser policlub (from Harlequin). They'll be giving it to a PC Eagle Shaman who's posing as a potential recruit.

What rules do I need to take into consideration?

What do I need to remember?

How do I handle addiction and recovery?

Do I qualify as an Evil GM because it is very probable that she'll join a rehabilitation center managed by the Universal Brotherhod? (she likes their charity work and thinks of joining devil.gif )

Thanks in advance!
Hot Wheels
The persona chips in Dream Chipper just overwhelmed the target's persona. Someone who slotted it had a chance, a will power roll of about 8 to realize something was very wrong and get it out or that's it! She's gone off to la la land.
There are no hard and fast rules for p-fix chips.

You might use the btl addiction rules for p-fix chips or willpower rolls to override impulses from the p-fix chip.

The more thorough the chip, the higher the TN to resist acting on the chip.

BTL addiction, usage, and optional rules are described in detail on pages 65 through 69 of Cannon Companion. Addiction rules are described in Man and Machine on pages 108 through 110.
Oh, thanks for the page reference!

Now, imagine a somewhat obese navajo shaman posing as Galadriel in a magenta toga... silly.gif

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