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Full Version: Stuffer Shack - What can I get there?
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Ok sorry for the stupid ?, but I'm new to SR and I'm not sure what I can get where?

Any info you all would be willing to provide would be very helpful.

So can you only get food at a Stuffer Shack, or are they more like a 7-11 / corner store that has a little of everything?

Also is there some basic rules to follow as to what you can get, where, based on its listed availbility?


At various times, Stuffer Shacks have been described as everything from a corner store to a Super Wal Mart. So, well, that's how I describe them -- sometimes the Stuffer Shack brand store is just a teensie tiny little corner store, other times (where leases allow) they're a super giant warehouse-sized store, with three of everything you could ever need.

And, basically, you can ignore availability when people are making legal purchases. Availability is a black market number, used to represent how difficult it is for your Fixer (or whoever) to get you that hot new rifle, snazzy sportscar, or weapon focus without all the paperwork. If you're buying stuff at the store, while someone fake SIN rating might come up (depending on the purchase), the "availability" score is a non issue.
Stuffer Shack is the SR version of 7-11. They're your 24 hour handy min-mart full of stuff - uncluding their own name brand of high energy bars.
I describe them as a mixture of Simpson's Kwik-E-Market and McDonalds. You can buy a lot of everyday stuff there and buy you a fastfood meal too.
I have a quick Stuffer Shack question - which megacorp owns Stuffer Shack?
Slithery D
I think there was one reference that Aztechnology did.
QUOTE (Slithery D)
I think there was one reference that Aztechnology did.

You are correct, sir. I'm not sure about pre-SR4 references, but it's mentioned in Runner Havens explicitly. Don't have the book on me for a page reference, though.
It's been years so I don't really remember but...I think at the Stuffer Shack you can get a ditzy yet cute elf chickie.
Thanks for the info everyone.

Its exactly what I was looking for.

When describing a Stuffer Shack to my players, I try to make a point of describing a few things that are different from what they may expect from the local 7-11:

The gun and ammo display. Cheap saturday night specials and the ammo to go with them. Nothing heavier than a light pistol or pump-action shotgun, and no special ammo. These are kept in a locked display case that dispenses the goods like a snack machine one the customer pays the teller.

The soy, in every flavor, texture, shape, size and temperature you can imagine. And then some. No 'real' food though.

The armor-plated teller window. Depending on where you live, you may have seen some of these in real life too. biggrin.gif

I figure you can buy most weapons you'd expect to see a civilian using - hunting rifles, common pistols, and basic pump-action shotguns.

But no special ammo, no - because those rounds have a legality of "forbidden" for the most part. Gel, regular and flechette should be available though.
you can get random condiments sprayed on you from automatic fire bursting the containers.
The 3rd edition module, First Run, gives a map as well as a great rundown of what you can find at a Stuffer Shack, also an awesome encounter biggrin.gif. That encounter is based off one from the 1st edition rulebook. Aztechnology does own Stuffer Shack through a string of companies.

Nothing I could find that had weapons sold at a Stuffer Shack. Doesn't make sense if you think about it. Why arm people so they can just shoot and rob you? Sure bulletproof glass stops bullets but not a cyberarm or some crazy go-ganger with a mono-katana.

Some of the cool things you could get there: Detoxy products (Clean your Oxy ... Get Detoxy!); small appliances; simchips and simdecks (current favorite - Beauty and Her Beasts); Aztex-Mex cuisine; Schmoozies, Snorkels, Shakeups and Fizzygoo; and my personal favorite Ludivenko Lovely Soya-Sloppies with DoubleThick option facelick.gif.

Also have some sim-arcade games like "Little Mutant Vik Ninja Cyberboy! 3," "Orbital Ninja Death Commando 5," "The All-New Ultimate Bike Race Ninja Street Duel," and "Street Fighting Magical Ninja 8." Sounds like games Emo Samurai would love biggrin.gif
Whiskeymac, I think you just quoted the description given in the 1st edition BBB. It's been a few years since I had mine, but your words sound exactly right. So, in my opinion, no weapons or ammo, but lots of 7-11 type stuff, some minor electronics, sloppy soys and soyburgers, legal (non BTL, nor even Cal-Hots) simchips. It's a convenience store that has ZERO cash on hand. All transactions are credstick(or in 4th ed speak, handled through your commlink).
Ah, the Stuffer Shack. Home to many a late-night run on the post-run munchies.
MK Ultra
Mmmmmmmmmmmhhhhhhh, Food-Fight facelick.gif
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