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Full Version: How want's emo samurai to stop osting polls? ;)
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Not trying to be mean, but damn... I haven't seen this many polls since the last time I went to a strip club. grinbig.gif
man. Who wants me to stop trying to type while eating? Look at the number of mistakes in the thread title alone... Makes me embarrsed that english is my first language.
Whats funny is that those are all old polls, he doesn't poll often, but he does do it regularly. I think Shrike30 was up to something since he brought all those up to the surface. wink.gif
emo samurai
I agree, it really wasn't his fault.
Look, I don't like emo. I don't dislike him either. So can someone explain to me what the fuck is going on?
emo samurai
Shrike30 bumped all my polls. That's it.
I posted "Who is Emo?" just to be an ass. I can deal with a necro poster every once in a while, but 20 polls being dug up at once is very annoying...
Keep on posting Emo, I dont see that many "New" polls from you, but I dont really read them ether. I just think you are running out of things to open polls about.
Even so, I do wonder at the sheer number of polls emu starts. When I see a new thread, and it's by emu, and it's a poll, I kind of think "not again..." I guess I'm more reactive to current threads where he's more proactive creating new threads but still I think it could be toned down somewhat smile.gif
For fuck's sake. It's worse in the SR4 forum. Can Shrike get banned or something for this? Pretty please?
No wonder I have no idea what the fuck is going on.
My aim was that this would be more amusing than annoying. Apologies if it wasn't.
Oh don't worry, we'll all laugh about it afterwards... after we break your legs first. wink.gif
QUOTE (Shrike30)
My aim was that this would be more amusing than annoying. Apologies if it wasn't.

*Knasser reflects on whether he was premature in posting a pro-pacifism stance in another thread* biggrin.gif
Well, I would like multiple votes. Or even better, one vote counting 10 times as much as Shrikes votes nyahnyah.gif
I seem to be in the minority.

Please continue to post polls, etc.
If it was unwelcome, we'd not post and they would whither and die.
Most are welcome, the rest ignored.
emo samurai
I think I ask good questions.
QUOTE (emo samurai)
I think I ask good questions.

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