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Max Force

Body 6(11)
Quickness 5(10)
Strength 6(8)
Charisma 3
Intelligence 5
Willpower 6
Essence 0.10
Run Mult. 3

Reaction 5(11)
Initiative 1(4)

Resistance to Toxins
Will To Live Lev 3
College Education
Magical Resistance Lev 4
Compulsive: Kill Junkies
True Believer: War on Drugs
Distinctive Style: Is Max Force
Incompetence: Stealth

[All Cyberware is Delta Grade]
Dermal Sheath 3
Move-by-Wire 3
Smartlink II
Bone Lace, Kevlar
Chem. Analyzer
Gas Spectrometer
+Built in Program 6
Olfactory Boost 6
Muscle Replacement 2

Active Skills
Assault Rifles/Ares Alpha 6/8
Intimidation/Physical 1/3
Negotiation 1
Leadership/Tactics 1/3
Biotech 1
Stealth 1
Athletics 4
Car 6
Small Unit Tactics 3

Knowledge Skills
BTL Production 2
Criminal Organizations 3
Police Procedures 4
Smuggler Haven 3
SWAT Team Tactics 5
Chemistry 5
Civil Engineering 3
Forensic Medicine 2
Desert Wars 5

Ares Alpha
+6 42rnd clips of AV ammo
+20 IPE defensive AP Mini-grenades

Light Military Armor
Military Helmet

Medkit 8

Maximilian Force was the only child of UCAS citizens Brian and Emilia Force. At the age of six he witnessed his parents' murders at the hands of a gang of drug-crazed gnomes in clown makeup. This event scarred him terribly and left him with a deep hatred for illegal chemicals.
Max Force was always a bright child and it was no surprise when he earned his BS in chemistry at the age of 19. He was courted by several pharmaceutical companies but he refused all of them, instead forcing all of his efforts on entering the Drug Enforcement Agency. Unfortunately for Max he was repeatedly failed the mental evaluations and was always rejected due to his instability and murderous hatred of junkies. This did not deter him. His persistence continued to the point that he would have been arrested for trespassing if not for the timely intervention of the Director, who saw in his murderous potential a great weapon against illegal drugs. Under secret and sealed orders from the Director himself, Max Force was admitted into the DEA's most clandestine project, Operation NARC. The intent was to create a 'poor man's cyberzombie', a super-powered soldier with the means and the will to take the War on Drugs into the enemy's living room with extreme violence.
Upgraded with the best technology that the lowest bidder could provide, Max Force was partnered with the cold killer Hit Man and sent into the streets of the DC barrens to put the junkies and the drug dealers back into their place.

Hit Man

Body 5(6)
Quickness 6(10)
Strength 4
Charisma 5
Intelligence 5
Willpower 5
Essence 0.3
BioIndex 1.2
Run Mult. 3

Reaction 5(13)
Initiative 1(5)

Edges and Flaws
Home Ground: DC
Natural Immunity 2: LSD
Friendly Face
Magical Resistance Lev 4
Distinctive Style: Is Hit Man
Combat Monster

Trauma Damper
Cerebral Booster

[All Cyberware is Delta Grade]
Smartlink II
+ Range Finder
Move-by-Wire 4
Bone Lace, Kevlar
Chemical Analyzer
+Built in Program 6
Eyes, Cyber Replacement
+ Camera
+ Datajack
+ Image Link
+ Light Systems
+ Microscopic Vision
+ Thermographic
+ Vision Mag Electronic
+ Ultrasound
+ Flare Comp
+ Low-Light

Active Skills
Assault Rifles/Ares Alpha 6/8
Parachuting 3
Athletics 3
Stealth 1
Interrogation 5
Negotiation 4
Small Unit Tactics 2
Disguise 2
Car 5
Demolitions 2

Knowledge Skills
Artificial Intelligence2
Tribal Politics 2
Paranormal Animals 2
Anthropology 3
BTL Production 4
Arms Dealers 2
Criminal Organizations 4
SWAT Team Tactics 3
Police Procedures 2
Safehouse Locations 2

Ares Alpha
+6 42rnd clips of AV ammo
+20 IPE defensive AP Mini-grenades

Light Military Armor
Military Helmet

Pocket Secretary

When Damon and Susan Man named their son they did not know how prophetic their decision would be. Hit was a normal child who made average grades. Like most middle class wage-kids he went to a private corporate school where he was taught everything he needed for the job that he was expected to fulfill. He married and divorced his high school sweetheart, producing one child, Tylor Man.
Hit's world came crumbling down when an drug dealer with more ambition than sense decides to distribute LSD laced stickers to kindergarteners at Tylor's school. The fatal dose of the drug passed from the adhesive backing of a pretty yellow star and into Tylor's blood stream, killing him in a slow and agonizing manner.
Hit became self destructive and nihilistic. He wanted to die but he wanted to take as many of them as possible down which he. So, he bought a gun and went out shooting. He killed the drug dealer. He killed the first graders who knew about the stickers but kept quiet. And he killed a whole lot of people who were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. He was surprised that the police captured him alive. He was even more surprised when he was turned over the the UCAS DEA. The DEA director saw in his nihilistic rage a perfect weapon for the War on Drugs. The Director offered Hit a choice "You're not getting off the hook. You deserve to die for what you did and you will die. But, we will let you kill as many of those SOBs as you can before you do and we'll give you the tools you need to do the job." It was an offer that he couldn't refuse.
Upgraded with the best cyberware that the lowest bidder could provide, Hit Man was partnered with Max Force and sent out into the DC barrens to dispense his own brand of justice.
Wounded Ronin
I haven't smiled so much in a while. This post really made my day as I'd been feeling particularly frustrated by CTDs in my Jagged Alliance game.
I have to wonder if their police knowledge skill would be quite so high. From the sounds of it, neither of them are quite sure how an officer of the law would normally handle such things.

Hmm... But an interesting campaign idea for the SR players who seem to be far more interested in body counts than plot...
Where are the knowledge skills "Batman", "Punisher", and "DC Comics"?

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