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When I get home I'm cutting off both of my arms!!!

No wait, I should do it at work so I get workman's comp... How can I set up an accident in cubicle-ville so it looks like I accidentally cut off both my arms? Maybe if I stick my arm out the elevator doors while they're closing?
...maybe a freak stapler accident?

Can you find a reason to leave a paper cutter on a shelf above your cube, and then have someone knock it off?

It's an OSHA violation, but, you know....
The whole transposition of sensation is a remarkable phenomenon, and more important than you would think for people with missing limbs.

Because sometimes the back of your phatom hand gets itchy, and this can be utterly maddening. Now that we know about transposition of sensation, we can find someplace else that is close enough (in neural pathways) that scratching (say) the face will allow the itchy phatom hand some peace.

Watching the video, I realise her control is not as good as the article says. I do think that compounding returns can kick in now, though. Just like computers double in capacity every 18 months (for the same money), the quality of her arm should improve vastly with each upgrade.
Thanks for the links; the more people who click on the links, the more the popular press will report on these kinds of things (an then, through loop feedback, speed research in this area).

Here are the BBC's:

The same can be said about pop culture links; clicking the links for pop culture increases reporting in that area. So, don't. smile.gif

I may be misreading body language; but they seem very delighted with these tools.
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