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Just curious really, what types of stories/plots people have going on in their groups right now (or near past/near future).

I am starting to put together a series of runs centering around a free spirt-a Blood Spirit Envoked Guidance spirit who got loose from its masters and set up shop as an information broker/shadow player. It's (the free spirit) using possession and is a high power spirit with a crap-load of powers and a purely malicious outlook on life as far as it's personal agenda is concerned (should be no surprise there).

I have played and run in every edition between first and third, but this is my first attempt at fourth. And in the process, I have been thinking about runs and how I put them together more than I usually do, hence this question. Plus, as I do not really get to cons, it's kind of cool to see what other players in the game are doing with their groups.

AFE nuyen.gif
Well, nothing at the moment. I'm about to kick off a game though.

I generally don't come up with much plot until I know what the characters are like. I prefer very character-centric games, with loose meta-story to keep development going. Like, I ran YotC for a while, but it was 10% "world happenings and how the team was involved" and 90% "character development and story".

SL James
Hm... Let's see.

One campaign following the Crash of '64 that incorporated a bunch of disparate PCs and how they connections to the machinations of a fixer brought them all together for a series of actions that led to them wanting/needing to extract and/or kill her, but getting blindsided and stuck in the middle of a massive disturbance/open warfare within the Renraku Arcology.

One game where the PCs organized a revenge run after the previous game ended with three of them getting shot along with a bunch of Yaks, while their other extraction targets were grabbed at the same time they were attacked.

One game where a down and out runner gets hired by a spy to do some counterintelligence work in the Tir--where the CI work involves killing a bunch of elves.

Another where a Tir exile returns only to find himself in the middle of the political catastrophe in the Tir around the time of the Crash, where he is actually now the de facto leader as his exile has prepared him to survive, and teach his fellow teammates to survive, as underground terrorists and deniable assets.

One (apparent) milk run into Vancouver to plant some data on a server for a free spirit.

One op where a couple of Triad gangsters have to steal and later deliver a jade tiger to a safehouse to fuck with their enemies' feng shui and boost their own Triad's feng shui.

And those are the ones I'm running. The ones I'm playing are...

As a covert operative performing a solo mission to steal something. Of course, it is not going to be that easy.

Playing a merc (same merc, two games) who's either headed into Africa to kill the locals, or headed into the Balkans to kill the locals.

A runner who just stole some very valuable bioweapons from a Yamatetsu lab, and whose team is now being hunted by the Company Man From Hell because they got dumped into some seriously nasty internal politics.

And, uh... I think that's about it. For now.
Just wrapped up playing in a cool street-level campaign where our characters were up-and-comers in the mob. It ended when we all realized we were having our autonomy taken away and faked our deaths.

Next up is my buddy's corp-war type of game, don't know much about it yet. It was the inspiration for my "team building" thread.

I'm writing a Caribbean pirates campaign for after that. It'll probably be set in the year of the comet.
I've currently put running a game on hiatus, and I'm playing in stevebugge's campaign, set around 2063 and mixing in and out of Brainscan. Kind of nice to have never read set adventures, now that I'm playing in one. We're using the SR4 rules, but not all of the new gear has been phased in yet.
Iron Guardian
Just recently started up a new 4th edition campaign (circa 2070) and have several 'runners taking part in "On the Run" adventure. They include a female human shaman, an Ork physical adept, a cyborged Troll enforcer, a human street-samurai (?), and an NPC ex-Lone Star human cop with rigger mods for his bike. Can't wait to pick up the Street Magic HC and GM screen. smile.gif
Kyoto Kid
...soon to embark on a large scale multi part campaign set in Europe in late 2062 that involves a good deal of intrigue. Other than that, can't say much more since it would involve giving out spoilers.
Right now we are gathering ritual materials all over the world, likely facilitating the conjuration of a major evil spirit by our johnson.

Our group mage is duplicating the collection of materials by taking everything twice. Major points for her.
Currently we're military "advisors" in the Yucatan during the whole toxic thing. The old "may you live in interesting times" curse came up and bit us in the butt. We've so far had to kill our mage and the shaman is awol.
Currently my team is laying low, about to go to Dee Cee for a Christmas party. Then, we plan on going to Germany for a possible job and to visit contacts.
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