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Full Version: [Dragons6thW] Yuichotol
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We know for sure that the great female feathered serpent Yuichotol was destroyed by the Therans eons ago........but, could it be possible that she manages to escape death ?
her spirit will be "somewhere" lost between the métaplanes, and ghostwalker is trying to found a way to bring his ex-mate back.......

Well, we either "know for sure" she died, or it "could be possible" that she's not dead. Kind of by definition, the two sentences don't go together.
ok, confusing isn't it ?

death dosen't mean destruction, right? after digging deep into uncle Ancient files concerning Yuichotol i found this/

It is rumored that against draconic tradition, Yuichotol's spirit remains on this plane, tied to a soul stone enchanted by her and Icewing and known as "Ghost Scales."

and this /
It is said that Icewing trapped Yuichotol's spirit when she was killed by the Therans, and that she had been prepared to do the same for him.

does it mean what i think it's mean? if the soul stone encasing Yuichotol spirit does exist in SR where would it be located (or lost)

this infos are rooted into ED background ? 'cause i haven't seen any evidence of this soul-stone anywhere in SR background.

Furthermore as anyone an explanation concerning the hate relationship between Ghostwalker and Aztlan ?
Ancient History
She was a western dragon, not a feathered serpent, and I point to everyone to look up Icewing's chapter in the Dragons PDF and make their own decisions.

As for Ghostwalker vs. the Azzies? <shrug> Might be the blood spirits.
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Ghostwalker was very interested in re-uniting the fractured Spirit of Denver as soon as he returned to Earth, but whether that has anything to do with this, who knows?
Ancient History
Ye gods, not that again...
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God, I love some of the YotC shit we came up with wink.gif
I love all the shadowrun plotlines as well to I just wish it would be a little easier to keep up with the progress of it all. I'm still trying to figgure out what happened in California to Santio.

With that said I'ma Ghosty fan, i just wonder about what Lofwyr, an S-K office is in denver and Loffy probably the only one I think that has a chance at challenging him.
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