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Pvt awol
I made a character that is kind of a cross between a weapon specialist and a gunslinger adept. my gm told me we needed someone who was Gun-Fu-ish. But i cant think of a backround. can anyone help me out.Its a girl orc, whos native language is spanish.

Ancient History
Originally from Caracas, your girl ork accepted enlistment in the Spanish army in exchange for citizenship. After perceiving her talent, she received special forces and advanced infantry training. She had some difficulties with a superior officer (shot off his left testicle from 150 meters after a sexual harassment incident), so when her enlistment period ended she left. Unfortunately, the officer had enough clout to keep her blackballed from legitimate mercenary work, and she ended up in the shadows. She decided to come to Seattle to start fresh.
Pvt awol
Thats good a may just have to use that Thanks, but if anyone else wants to add feel free
Could be some 3rd generation Texas born NRA freak of Aztlan ethnicity wink.gif
Pvt awol
Ok I should also probabloy mention that im pretty new to shadowrun, so could u explain that a little more, ombre
Cyber Watcher
She was born in Mexico city, in an Orc enclave, at an early age she found she liked music and had some musical talent, she became fascinated by the local Mariachi players and did her best to learn how to become a Mariachi. As she matured, she started to develop unusual abilities. At this point her life takes an unfortunate turn, whilst playing in a local cantina, the local Humanist Policlub (Speciesist vigilantes), make an appearance and generally tried to kill everything that moved and those that didn't well what the hell (Insert general losses of family, friends and neighbours as appropriate)! After this incident which she managed to survive (again how badly she survived upto you), she learnt to protect herself and found she had a talent with guns. She starts travelling around, shadowrunning against speciesist companies/policlubs, wherever she finds them, using her Mariachi playing as a cover.
Pvt awol
so that explains the awakened part to, right
Rotbart van Dainig
QUOTE (Ancient History)
Originally from Caracas, your girl ork accepted enlistment in the Spanish army in exchange for citizenship.
After perceiving her talent, she received special forces and advanced infantry training.

Sounds like the Spanish Legion.
Pvt awol
I just cant think of how to explain the awakened part of the character. How should i go about it
Rotbart van Dainig
Simple: You don't - it just happens to be so.
Pvt awol
Ok kool. i thnk i got how im gonna do it ill post it when im done
Pvt awol
Here it is. (any feedback is welcome)

"Eve Tancredi was born in Monterrey in 2047 to a married human couple. She was accepted by them at first. She had a good life for a while. Nice house, nice neighborhood. But then everything changed.
For as long as Eve could remember, she always knew things before they happened. It wasnít exactly ESP; she just knew something was going to go down. So she snuck out through her window, and as she did, she heard sirens. So she hid in a tree. The police were chasing a beat up van. Well the van crashed into her house, killing both her parents.
From the age of 15 on, she grew up on her own. She found goblin rock and didnít look back. She stayed with friends, and even slept in alleys when need be. She quickly found out she had a natural affinity for pistols, so she set to learning as much about weapons as possible. She also figured out that she recovered quickly after fights.
At age 19, Jose, a singer from a local band gave her the name Queen Crusher, after seeing her beat the crap out of too orc gangers that were trying to take advantage of her. The part that really angered her was the fact that one of them wasnít an orc, but a human poser. He came out to help, but realized he wasnít needed.
At age 22 she moved to Seattle Due to the fact that Monterrey was getting worse every minute. Once it got to the point that her best friend was killed, she left. About 6 months after getting to Seattle, she got an email from Jose, who helped her find a place in Seattle, and became a good person to obtain weapons from, had made it, big time. 2 days later, enough machinery was delivered at her house to make weapons with. And thatís exactly what she started doing."
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