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Full Version: Any of our Euro members seen "Renaissance"
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I was just reading about the movie "Renaissance" and it sounds very Shadowrunnery, given that it involves Megacorps, bioware, kidnapped executives, etc... and takes place in 2054.

It doesn't open here in North America for another couple of weeks, so I was wondering if any of our European members had already seen it, and if so, how was it?
Only seen a screenshot and the name.

I salivated.
Only a trailer and a clip, as pointed to in this thread.

Trailer and site here.

Looks interesting. It's already out on DVD in France. No reason you can't get it.

Though you might want to wait until I do as normally when I buy a film from abroad it gains its cinema release in the UK two weeks later. Rrrrrr.
seen it, loved it , but the thing get me a headache 'cause of this heavily contrasted B&W image. You'll get used to it after a short adaptation time. Good film, worth to see it if yu'r a cyberpunk-SR ambiance adict. ( anyway everything adding edge to your créativity is worth to see ).

better seen on large screen...... wink.gif
is it subtitled?
If you're talking about the link that I posted to, then no, sorry. The cinema release date for the UK has been and gone and I don't think many cinemas carried it. There's apparently a very limited release this week in the USA on the 22/09/06. Don't expect it to to be easy to find, though.

No date for an international DVD, that I can find. But you know, what better time to learn French, than now?
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