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Full Version: Atzlan/loci
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I am planning on starting a run with my chars using the Bottled demon adventure as a starting point. I want this to tie in closely with the corruption of magic by the horrors/horror like beings. I have a good idea what the runs will include, but i need help for the setting.

Anyway, does anyone know where all the atzlan tocaill's are, and where all of, or a good number of Loci are?

Ancient History
*cough* Okay, uno! The Azzies have ONE Locus, and last look says it may well be fried. The Aztlaner teocallis have aspected background counts, and are fairly well scattered throughout the country. Assume there's one in every town, big ones in the cities, and that the background count varies between 1 and 5, except for the ones in what was Mexico City, which should always be considered at least 5.
Finally someone asks a question before I ask it ohh how lovely.

Okay next question, how did the Locus buy it, or whatever the correct terminology is.

Oh and is any group doing anything on the Big D's Will about Aztlantechnoreligio dense polution?
Ancient History
The Locus received a bit of a backlash when the bridge was destroyed by the Dragon Heart, frying a Blood Mage gestalt and presumably Darke too.

Now, could you clarify your second comment/question a little?
If I recall Correctly. The Big D, you know Dunkelzahn, the great dragon. The guy who turned into a spirit known as Lethe. He gave a sizeable chunck of hard nuyen(ummm well electronic nuyen?) to the first people who can develope a plant that can thrave in Tenotitlanchin(Mexico City)Whatever the way you spell the real name)).

How I read it he wants someone to un pollute an area, pure and simple. Just because its the worse place in the world basicly means, the plants can be used else where as well.

What I am trying to figure out is has anyone done even a single thing toward stepping toward this goal?
Ancient History
Not that we know of, yet, no.
Where is the Locus located?
Follow up, whats it look like.. and how big is it.
And, since we're at it, what exactly is a teocali? Are they all pramid like buildings? Or does any Azzie corp office count as one?
A teocali is an Aztec style temple (traditionally a step pyramid design). They come in various sizes and have distinct characteristics but are invariably temples or holy buildings only. That being said there are rumors that the top levels of Aztech pyramid in Seattle are actually a small teocali.

Regarding the Locus - it is apparently a large circular obsidian stone (at least 5m diameter) threaded with orichalcum veins and it works more or less like a super powerfoci or manna battery. It has been theorized that loci were placed on important ley nexi during a previous Age but this hasn't been stated conclusively in canon. The Aztlan one was dug up near the CAS/Aztlan border in an area which was previously Texas territory IIRC, which means it may have been the reason behind Aztlan's landgrab in the first place. As to their origins I'm told there are some clues in the Thera SB for Earthdawn. And yes, Amazonia has one too.
Kanada Ten
If Amazonia has one, it seems likely that Madagascar does as well. Not to mention Tir with almost positive ID on a Crater Lake Locus.

Also, instead of having the characters searching for actual loci, I suggest "keys" (Choden Kal anyone?) and "instruction manuals" or pages there of.
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