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I saw these dice on wikipedia. Where can I get me some?!
some of you guys must have some idea?
I've no idea, they may be custom made.
Dunno, I think they were a giveaway at one of the GenCons. Try looking on any online gaming supply page, like
This is an exciting admin post.

dragnmastr85, please don't bump posts on Dumpshock. It may be common in other forums, but it's frowned on here. Thanks, and welcome to the forums. Feel free to PM me or post in the Dumpshock Discussion forum if you have any etiquette questions.
And this one is not an admin post. Those dice aren't from FanPro LLC ... they might be a FanPro GmbH promo [or regular] item, but if they're not, I have no idea as to the source.
they look awesome. Id like to get my hands on a set

edit: sorry for the bump I didnt know the rules smile.gif
You could probably convince someone who's into miniatures and models to make you some. Looks like it could be done with some little carving tools, a magnifying glass and a pair of steady hands.
Some friends of mine got those... I think they were sold for a limited time only, GenCon or something, but don't know precisely where. They aren't sold anymore, though.

They predate the time where FanPro took over Shadowrun, they got them when FASA was still around, IIRC.

yeah, I think they were a FASA gencon goody. 3rd edition release maybe?
Years back I bought 12 at my FLGS here in germany. smile.gif
any idea where I can find some online? Is there a specific name to them? I NEED some smile.gif
they usually go by 5-7 Euro per die at german ebay

if i remember correctly they were a promo issued years ago by fanpro germany...
Don't see why someone doesn't just make some and sell them? A friend was looking at casting his own metal dice at one point, but when he tried to weight a couple of the dice and ended up melting a hole in them.... he gave up.
Although I'd never violate copyright laws, this thread has inspired me to try customizing my own dice with some tiny sharp knives and paint. Wish my fingers luck.
Frag-o Delux
There are products out there called photoetching kits. You print the image you want with special film, then apply the film to the object you want then put the object in a chemical solution. After a few seconds the soultion will etch the design into plastics and thin metals. They are generally used for models. The kits are rather exspensive. But if you know a model maker or a pro etcher they may have the stuff handy already.

A former engraver friend is helping me turn drawings into etchings for my armor. Its a pretty quick process, plastics are really quick.

Its handy for making designs for 25mm minis also.

EDIT: Oh, and you wont have to be ran tot eh hospital with an exacto knife lodged in your finger.
Well if you guys happen to find any or decide to MAKE some smile.gif please let me know. These things look great. Thanks for all the info so far guys
Although it probably violates some copyright somewhere Chessex offers custom dice that could easily be done with that logo.

Chessex Custom Dice

I wonder if we could pool a bunch of people to get permission to use the logo on a run of these.
I'm thinking I may have to order a few sets of interesting dice for the hell of it. Like
The logo is on the 6 if I remember right. It's been years since Ive seen these. Can't remember if it was me or a gaming buddy that had them.
The logo is on the 6, right.
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