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Full Version: Commlink and Sensor Questions
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I was wondering if you could add sensor packages to a commlink? Handheld sensor packages have a capacity of 3 and says "can be easily fit into the palm of the hand", so I figured it was about the size of an iPod Nano or maybe even a little smaller. I always figured that commlinks were about that size, so could I fit 3 capacity worth of sensors in a commlink on top of the features already provided?

Also, commlinks come with a camcorder and a microphone. Do those accept vision enhancers and audio enhancements? And if they do can they be utilized through an image/sound link to be overlayed on the user's vision/hearing?

Does an implanted commlink have any of these options as well? Even if it is implanted in the head and linked to cybereyes/ears?

I'm just clarifying because if so then my new character will have a nice setup for his implanted commlink. Basic setup is an implanted commlink with a cyberware scanner rating 6, olfactory sensor rating 6, and radio signal scanner rating 6. The camcorder options are low-light and thermographic and the microphone options are audio enhancement 3 and select sound filter 3. Then, I just need to get cybereyes with Smartlink, cyberears with damper and spatial recognizer and protective covers with flare compensation, visual enhancement 3 and vision magnification to round out my vision and hearing mods.

Another quick question: Pg. 212 states that implanted cyberware may be limited to a Signal of 1 or 2, does this include implanted commlinks?
The commlink sensor expansion idea is a reasonable one. I wish I'd thought of it, myself.

An external commlink would count as a handheld sensor package - as you noted, they already come with a camera and a microphone. But that would mean there's probably only enough room left for one additional 1CU sensor device inside the case (depending on if your GM decides not to count all the other hardware as taking up most of the room or not). Seeing as how there's no restriction from enhancing even RFID-package sensors, there's no reason you shouldn't be able kit out your commlink peripherals, as well. And since they're physically part of the commlink, you can incorporate their feeds into your network. Otherwise, what's the point of including them at all, y'know? Though depending on where you wear your link, the perspective on the camera may be less than useless (mics have 360 degree "hearing", so that wouldn't matter as much) unless it's ruled as detachable or you just strategically place the commlink somewhere.

I would think that the implanted commlink, however, would only come with the basic hardware and functionality, not the additional sensors. If they did, you'd end up with alot of muffled audio recordings and blurry, underexposed video footage. Though since they come with sim modules (I think?), and are wired into your brain, it should be able to utilize your biological senses. Since cyber eyes and ears actually are cameras and mics... well, that's self-explanatory.

And, yes, implanted comms are subject to the same space-based signal restrictions. Higher-signal devices need to be larger than can be feasibly implanted as stand-alone cyber. I think the ones you have installed in your limb compartments are the only ones not subject to this, but I could be wrong. Unless you're trying to hack the planet from the middle of the Sahara or expecting heavy jamming, Signal really isn't all that important. There's almost always going to be a repeater within range. The rules don't seem to say so explicitly, but I get the impression that unless you're trying to hack a given node, most of them are set to passively forward your connection along, so you can get to any open node from anywhere.
Rotbart van Dainig
QUOTE (TonkaTuff)
And, yes, implanted comms are subject to the same space-based signal restrictions.

No, they aren't - that was a very early question.

BTW - you don't install sensors to your internal commlink - you install sensors to you... it's in the cyberware chapter.
Since I'm awake way to early in the morning, could you kindly provide a page reference? Or is it just considered the various bodyware?
Rotbart van Dainig
Indeed - headware, eyeware and earware.
So even if I get a microphone implanted on the top of my head (don't ask why, it's just an example), I would have to use the cyberear costs for audio enhancements? Or would I be using the sensor costs for audio enhancements?

And what stops someone from wearing a bracelet of coin sized micro sensors that are patched into their commlink, nothing?
Rotbart van Dainig
Absolutely nothing.

Given the number of times in my life that I've lost a bracelet, washed my hands, or had something bash my arm, I think a creative GM could come up with at least a couple of occasions on which a player wished he'd implanted his sensors rather than sticking them on his wrist.

Also, it could be argued that the "wrist sensors" would only provide, at best, an AR bonus to most tests and might require a Simple Action to use, whereas implanted senseware works as written.
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