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For firearms: using firearms is easier for strong character than feeble ones, especially the big cannons. This rule applies for any kind of weapons except for launchers and tasers...

A character needs a minimum strength equal to the weapon's base DV (not including ammo modifier) to use any firearm. His effective strength to determine his ability to fire a weapon is increased by two if the character holds the weapon with both hands. In the case a character's strength is lower than the gun's requirement, every point of difference between minimum required strength and the character's point increase the recoil modifier (even from single-shot weapons) by two...For example, a strength 2 character holding an ingram smartgun (DV of 5) has a recoil modifier of 6 to any of his actions. Recoil compensation applies as always.

In the case a character's strength is higher than the requirement, every two points of strength above the requirement gives the user a free recoil compensation point...For example a troll with a strength of 9 using the same ingram smartgun would have an extra recoil compensation of 2...

What do you think?
Even the tiniest of the guns (a hold out, which is barely larger than a hand) have a DV of at least 4. Therefore, you are bringing the assumption that I have one damn heavy Streetline Special tucked away in my sleeve, especially when such tiny weapons are designed for those that want a little surprise (and are far more than likely low on strength in the first place.).

It's not a bad house rule concept per se, but the theory behind breaks under tiny weapons. ^-^; Might I ask why you want to adjust the gun issues of weight? Don't like the range weapon dice, hint of realism, other?
A strength 2 character is able to use any of the firearms listed under the hold-out and light pistol list. I think it is logical a strength 1 (which is pretty weak) to have difficulty to use even the lightest
I like where you are going with this, but there are still some flaws, heh. Strength dosen't get enough real use in SR4.
Any reason why you don't go with the old SR rule that the higher the strength is, the bigger RC you get, just scale it for SR4?
This would allow high strength chars have bonuses in firing recoil causing weapons, but not penalize other char types.
For Light pistols, I might agree reluctantly to that. 'weak' as the rating table goes, just doesn't state what they claim by weak other than They obviously aren't built to put up an effort. That might mean pathetic muscles, but it doesn't mean they're pathetically weak and barely able to hold a gun (lifting and carrying would include the body score. Admittedly, it's a small stretch to say that applies to guns, but body would include some of ones physical ability, even if it's noth the focus of muscle strength is).

And to show a hold out of the lightest measure, 307 shows the Razor Sting - a arguably light if barely a gun sort of weapon. I would say a .5 strength could wield that even.

Just pointing out that. As far as light pistols go, I would argue if you're talking about a colt or fichetti (definitely heavier than the hold outs, but not so heavy a kid couldn't pick one up). A Fubuki, however, I would agree with, since it's certainly not built to be 'small'.

simple answer: Yes/No, lol
Ok, maybe hold-out pistols are problematic, but i still believe a strength 1 character would have a problem lifting even a light pistol with his two hands and not shaking a little...

Why not just saying hold-out pistols have a strength requirement of 1 because of their ultra-light build? Would that work?
Sounds needlessly harsh. Why are you adding this houserule? Stats are expensive enough as it is.

I tell my players that a strength 1 character will have problems with anything but a light pistol (I try to discourage 1 stats in general) and strength 2 will have problems with heavy weapons, but other than that it's not an issue. I also give RC for high strength, but 1 point to 5 str and then every 3 points of str past 5 gets additional RC.
hmm. i see where this is going. I think if you wanna do it, then apply a strength per weapon class, with say double recoil if your below that point. keep balance and realism.

in older editions (and maybe in arsenal?) we had high strength acting to reduce recoil. this was mostly in favor of orks and trolls, making a strong troll a natural with heavy weaponas because of the ease of recoil compensation.

as far as penalties go... strength 1 is not going to be happy with BF/FA weapons of any kind. Str 3 (average) is not going to be happy with heavy weapons. and no (unaugmented) human is going to be very happy trying to shoot a heavy MG from the hip- those things are designed to be set up on a tripod or bipod, and fired from a stable position, preferably with cover.

you dont really need penalties for low strength beyond having them get tired easily when carrying a lot of weight (how tired will depend on their body of course).
If I wanted to make such a rule I would do the following:

Every category has a Strength requirement. If the weapon is used with lower strength (without a bipod, tripod, sandsack or anything else to balance the weapon), then the difference is subtracted from the number of dice.

None: Hold out, Light Pistol
2: Heavy Pistol 2 Hand, SMG 2 hand, MP 1 hand
3: Heavy Pistol 1 hand, SMG 1 hand, Shotgun 2 hand, Sport Rifles 2 Hand
4: Assault Rifle 2 hand, Grenade Launcher 2 Hand
5: Sniper Rifle 2 hand, LMG 2 hand, Missile Launcher 2 hand
6: MMG 2 hand
7: HMG 2 hand, Assault Canon 2 hand, Shotgun 1 hand
8: Sport Rifles 1 hand
9: Assault Rifles 1 hand, Grenade Launcher 1 hand
10: LMG 1 hand
11: Sniper Rifle 1 hand
12: MMG 1 hand
13: HMG 1hand, Assault Canon 1 hand (Fear this Troll!)

Note: No realism intended, just balancing and coolness

Use the following recoil rules along with this:
For every 3 points above 3, strength gives 1 point of recoil reduction
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