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Full Version: "new" technomancers
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I've got a question I mentioned back in the On the Run thread that never got an answer, and I couldn't find anything in searching.

Basically, I'm trying to find the answers to two questions:
First, technomancers are supposed to have been made when the second crash happened, when people were in the system when it went down. So how are you supposed to have a new technomancer? Can there be one that wasn't made during the crash?

Two, how do otaku automatically become technomancers?

Now I realize that there may not be any "true" answers yet, or simply that "not enough is known" out side of the writers, because we "just don't enough know yet." And that's a lot of "quotation marks". I'm just trying to find some sort of explanation or even rationalization. Ideas from what others are using in their games for something that (to my knowledge at least) hasn't really been explained yet.

Otaku I guess I could see "evolving" from some kind of submergance/deep resonance quest, but does that mean that there'd still be otaku around taht are regular ol' otaku, and still fade after 21?
Emergence, the fluff/adventure book coming out 'soon', will likely talk about that since it centers on the Technomancer storyline.
My guess is that otaku were always technomancers, but the matrix hadn't evolved to the point where they could use their latent abilities. The strain of forcing their mental pathways to connect to a slightly incompatible matrix is what caused the Fading. Since Otaku and Technomancers are essentially the same thing, whatever caused Otaku to be born also causes Technomancers to be born.

Or something like that.
James McMurray
First, technomancers are supposed to ahve been made when the second crash happened, when people were in the system when it went down.

Some people went insane, some died, some got trapped inside subsystems, and a very few became technomancers. It isn't the only way they are created, some of them just happened.
Another difference is that otaku were (almost) exlusively young teens/children. TMs doesn't seem to have an age requirement.
Technomancers have no age req because the public SR theory is they're the Otaku 2.0. Now how this might apply to someone that was never an Otaku that sprouts the power, however...

Until the story thingamajig comes along, I think it's mostly theories one has to go with for now.

A theory of mine includes the possibility that a constant connection to the matrix is what allowed/allows 'Otaku' now Technomancers to actually not burn out - the continuous contact helps to sustain them (whereas before you would have to always be jackedi n, which kinda makes it hard to move around). As far as technomancers that came from the crash: they were probably latent or else Otaku and the crash punched a hole into the 'wall' that makes the technomancer, which killed some, drove others nuts, but allowed a select number to actually thrive as technomancers.

Though that theory on forcing yourself through a jack and technology burning out Otaku's sounds good too - That'd be a point where you take an Otaku and cut him off from all points of matrixing, just to check every year or so if he still has the gift. (Sounds like a megacorph project!).

Or one could for a TA (Technomancers anonymous) group and ask them their theories?
But by that theory, would a technomancer start to die or take damage or something if they lost contact with the matrix? That might kinda put a crimp in the "matrix sustains them" thing (although it sounds kinda cool in general).
maybe if they're not online long enough they'll go nuts. They are said to get irritable if in static zones for too long. Wonder how far that can go.
Well consider that Technomancers are essence dependant, and forcing ther' intimate connection through a datajack might have been damaging in some way. Also, Technomancers get twitchy and irratable in black areas with little signal right? This seems indicative of some sort of addiction or physiological need. So maybe it IS the constant matrix contact (even if it's just the background hum) that keeps them from fading/going insane.

Where did you hear about this 'Emergence'? Is is a TM based novel, cause if so I'm definately gonna have to get it...
TM based campaign event/adventure book in the manner of System Failure, next relese for SR4 due at on tum te tum te tum.
The retailer page/ad can be seen HERE
cool, pic from virtual realities 2.0 for the cover. well, for now anyways. They always change 'em. I haven't liked to many of the 4th ed covers so far, although Runner Haves was neat. Comic booky but neat.
You see, when a mommy technomancer and a daddy technomancer love each other very much and then the cyberstork brings them a brand new technomancer of their own.

I think that pretty much sums it up. Lets face it, technomancers are more bizarre and mysterious than the otaku and the otaku were pretty darn bizarre and mysterious.
Technomancers come from cybersex
Garrowolf wins. flawless victory.
LOL! And Garro joined DS 3 years later than you did, mfb.
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