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Full Version: Dudukain's Dedicated Character Thread (Again)
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A character with a much similar backstory to my original character, Vivian is the third character I have made for shadowrun. People here with good memories will know I tend to play ridiculous characters. Can't argue with a 20 Dice Pool for pistols. (10/10 if dual wielding)

Race: Ork (20 BP)

Body: 5
Agility: 7
Reaction: 3
Strength: 3
Charisma: 1
Intuition: 3
Logic: 3
Willpower: 2

Edge: 1
Essence: 6
Magic: 6
Initiative: 6
Initiative Passes: 4

Active Skills
Pistols (Semi-Automatics): 9(11)
Longarms(Shotguns): 2(4)
Blades: 2
Heavy Weapons: 2
Infiltration: 2
Palming (Pickpocket): 4(6)
Armorer: 1
First Aid (Combat Wounds): 5(7)

Knowledge Skills
Calfree Politics: 2

Language Skills
English: N
Or'Zek: 4
Sperethial: 4
Arabic: 4
Hindi: 3
Japanese: 3
Spanish: 2

Adept (5 BP)
Ambidextrous (5 BP)
Incompetent (Pilot Anthroform): +5 BP
Exceptional Agility: 20 BP
Severe Allergy (Platinum): +15 BP
Sensitive System: +15 BP
Aptitude (Pistols): 10 BP

Adept Powers (6 Points from magic)
Improved Reflexes: 3
Improved Pistols: 2

Frodrick (Street Doc) 4/1
Dalamar (Talismonger): 2/3

Weapons and Armor
Armor Jacket
Remington 990 w/internal smartlink
90 slugs
2 Ares Predators w/internal smartlinks, shock pads, quick draw holsters, 20 spare clips, 160 ammo

Renraku Sensei w/novatech navi
Response: 2
System: 4
Firewall: 3
Signal: 4
Programs: Rating 3 data search, rating 3 encrypt, rating 3 black ICE, rating 3 black hammer, Rating 4 edit, rating 3 data bomb

Goggles w/ smartlink, vision magnification
Force 2 weapon focus
Certified Credstick
Rating 3 Autopicker
Earbuds w/audio enhancement 1


Born in 2046, Vivian Kalwraith grew up in a middle-class human family in Calfree. in 2060, he Goblinized, turning into an Ork and gaining full control of his Adept abilities. in 2064, he got a short-lived job as an Armed Response medic with Doc Wagon. He was not terribly well liked by his coworkers, described as being to inexperienced and impulsive. However, Doc Wagon never fired Vivian, due to having a Septulinguist in your company was useful, and he had great skill at treating wounds. However, they were forced to fire him when, in his hatred of the corporations combined with his desire to help people, he singlehandedly infiltrated a AA corp.'s building in answer to a distress call. He killed or severely injured much of the corp's security, and dragged the person out. When his trial was being processed, the great Crash hit, and he lost his SIN-but also, he lost the criminal record. He was then a street doc for about 5 years, until he ran afoul of the Halloweeners. He dispatched several of them, and when the police arrived one of them recognized his name- he used to work on corpsec and things like most of a force being wiped out tend to get around. He wisely fled, and is currently trying to figure out a way to wipe out mentions of his name so he can lead a semi-normal life. He is a member of the Ork Rights Commitee, and tends to "talk" to members of the Humanis Policlub for his amusement. By "talk" he means, "Taunt until they attack me, then leave."
Slithery D
I think I would have gone with Agility 3 and Pistols 13 to save BP.

Edit: Oh, I see, you added your adept dice directly to the skill rather than just arbitrarily busting the skill cap. Nevermind, that's not munchie at all.
Slithery D
Wait, is he angry at Humanis because they call him a trog or because they call him "Vivian"?
....No comment. Possibly both.
Shouldn't your reaction be augmented by 3, as well as your initiative, due to the improved reflexes?

Technically, the number of BP spent on positive qualities is 5 over the limit.
Also, if one of your skills is 6 (or 7, with Aptitude), the rest are capped at 4 (alternately, you can have two skills of 5). So with your pistols skill of 7, your first aid skill can only go to 4. Your negative qualities are slightly cheesy - an allergy to platinum, and incompetence in piloting anthroforms? Be careful, because if the GM thinks they are too cheesy, he will either disallow them, or go out of his way to hit you hard with them. Other GMs more or less ignore flaws, though, so it really depends on the GM.

For a street doc type, I would definitely try to scrounge up enough starting money for a Rating: 6 medkit (only 600 Nuyen). Plus, why do you have so many hacking programs when you don't even have any hacker skills?

Overall, I like the addition of some thief skills and first aid ability to keep him from being a one-trick pony. He has some severe weaknesses, though. Low Willpower and minimum Edge, as well as minimum Charisma and no social skills. He'll have a very hard time resisting spells, and will be even more disadvantaged when dealing with NPCs in non-combat situations.
Ah, something else that was bothering me

Your Predator pistols. They come with integral smartlinks. And you cannot put shock pads on them, those on go on rigid shoulder stock of a rifle, shotgun or heavy weapon.
So... He has Charisma 1 and no social skills, but speaks seven languages fluently?

He was a street doc, but has no Medicine skill and no medkit?

He has Blades 2, and a Force 2 weapon focus?

He has thousands of nuyen worth of hacking programs, but doesn't even have a single point in a computing skill, not to mention a hacking skill?

All the tasty cheese aside, this guy is also a pushover for a real samurai in combat.
Slithery D
The no Medicine skill bit makes sense; DocWagon response personnel just stabilize you with First Aid and take you back to base where the real docs worry about long term healing. If anything, he has too much First Aid for a primary shooter.
Slithery D
QUOTE (Narmio)
So... He has Charisma 1 and no social skills, but speaks seven languages fluently?

Hey, being completely unable to be polite, lie, or convince anyone of anything in all seven is an impressive accomplishment not worthy of you scorn, sir.
The multilingualism is cool if it fits the character concept, but remember that in SR4, anyone with a sim module on their commlink and some linguasofts could duplicate it fairly easily.
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