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Full Version: UFC in Street Magic
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I was reading Street Magic and came across something strange. On pg. 71, the Adept group known as the Gladius. It speaks about the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship). Isn't this a huge no-no? The UFC is a corporation. Wouldn't this be the same as using Microsoft as one of the corps found in Seattle?
In SR Microsoft changed its name to Microdeck Industries. Check out the old Seattle sourcebook for first edition pg 71. It says it's been owned by the Gates family for six generations.
Sony is still Sony after all (SoA) , no reason a few others can't stay the same. Kong-Walmart isn't a far reach. We enjoy coming up with alternate names for things in our games, liek a bit of a running gag. Snickers=Snakers bars. FedEx becase FastEx. But with things like UFC, it's probably jsut easier to get the point accross.
I had a gang boss named Ghoulliani, the descendent of a famous NYC mayor
I had missed that UFC reference, thanks. I know some people that'll love to see that. It doesn't say what #UFC they are up to though, huh? I'm going to go check. Because rough calculation would be somewhere around DCCCXVI. cool.gif
Actually Gladio and the UFC tie-in first appeared in the Adept chapter of SOTA64. I just updated the background to 2070 in Street Magic.
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