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Full Version: SR noob asking for product list
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So I just picked up SR because it's one of the great old RPGs I never got around to checking out. It feels...warm, somehow, to read about cyberpunk hacking that involved virtual reality. I mean, seriously. Talk about a pathetic vestige from the 80s. Still.

So, has anyone compiled a product list somewhere? Both pre-and post-4ed? I'd like to hit some gamestores I know to have some leftover SR products, ebay, or otherwise.

EDIT: I know there's a list on wikipedia, but I have no way of knowing if this is complete; also, I have no even small descriptions like "this is the otaku sourcebook", or "you need this to run a matrix run".

Having said that, it'd be great if someone points out the important metaplot books or splat books.
QUOTE (asdfff)
I mean, seriously. Talk about a pathetic vestige from the 80s.

...and then he asks for a favour. Geez!
That was my thought, yeah. wink.gif

The first post slammed both Shadowrun and the Wiki as being either quaint or untrustworthy, then asked for help.

We be fans, here, yar! We don't take kindly to no landlubbers insultin' tha good ship Shadowrun!

Now, once yer on tha boat, ye can slam it all ya like....
Cleanse This Heretic!!!

I find the wiki list is pretty accurate.
asdff, someone wants to talk to you over in the Drop Bear thread.
[shrug] It's an 80's RPG and things were different then. game session pacing, book publishing habits, product lines. And VR matrix wasn't even fully justified as a whimsical concept until 4th ed, when it was spelled out that being in 'VR mode' sped up reaction times. It's the difference between lawnmowerman and uplink. One used to be cool, and one wasn't based on something william gibson made up when he was high.

I'm just catching up on SR to get back to my roots. It's a refreshing change from Kill puppies for satan, clix, and the next card game.
Why do I picture asdfff typing his post while slouched in front of his keyboard with his Cheezy Poof laden gut hangingout of a grubby and tattered Elvis costume?
Wow and I thought running in VR in any edition of SR speed you up.

Checks "turtle" rules.

Yep I was right, VR has always been quicker. Now in 4th ed it also gives you bonus dice, that bits new.
emo samurai
William Gibson high will kick your ass anyday, asdff.
for detailed hacking an otaku info, get the Matrix book

obviously, rigger3 is for rigging vehicles, Magic in the Shadowns and Cannon Companion, also pretty self explanatory. Not really enough bokos in 4th ed to need an explanation of I think.

Other interesting 3rd ed books, to catch up on the meta plot are:

Year of the Comet - info on the year 2061 and a lot of chagnes in the world
Corporate download- everything you did or didn't want to know about hte corps, their movers, and their plans

If you like dragons:
Portfolia of a Dragon:Dunk's secrets: Dunkelzhans will, and tons of plot hooks
Survival of the Fittest - 2063 adventure set with lots of great runs and dragon plots

Renraku Arcology:shutdown and Brainscan: Adventure and SB detailing the goings-on in the Arc in Seattle, and the AI that rules it. Good stuff, especialyl the adventure set.

Hope that helps.
QUOTE (emo samurai)
William Gibson high

I wouldn't have minded going to that school! biggrin.gif
QUOTE (asdfff)
I mean, seriously. Talk about a pathetic vestige from the 80s.

I am trying to re-introduce the '80s into Shadowrun.
Monolithic Megacorps that could squish you like bug, but they don't (once you're of their property), because it doesn't help the bottom line. And, after all, they might need you for their own gains.
Corrupt Police, which might be deadly if they catch you, but is probably content enough to catch anybody who might have done it, like some poor SINless.
Organized Crime that will try to get you if you annoy them enough.
The feeling that most people simply don't care. (Which in SR4 is easily explained by the common use of the commlink).

To get away from BS like using gel rounds, because if you kill a security guard, someone might seek revenge.
Don't worry, asdfff. Eventually someone here will get around to installing irony and sarcasm codecs in the faceless masses. smile.gif

As to the books you'll want, try to get hold of Corporate Download, Underworld SB, Portfolio Of A Dragon, Year Of The Comet, Sprawl Survival Guide, State Of The Art 2063/64, Threats 1/2 and Loose Alliances. Shadows of North America, Shadows Of Europe and Shadows Of Asia are also good. These books cover between them the who, what, where when and why of Shadowrun from 2059 through to '64, with a little of the how thrown in for those who want a new toy to justify another book purchase. For the rest of the metaplot you'll want Renraku Arcology Shutdown, Brainscan and System Failure. I believe at least half these books are still in print, and I've seen copies of the others floating round second-hand.

Thanks to everyone. Most of the books are indeed available...I'm going back to the game store and see what ebay has for SR.
Gibson is lame and all his writing is cheesy and out of date.... Hey any fans of his out there wanna help me out? wink.gif

(Edit: A nod to asdfff for taking the jabs with a significant degree of cool. If we had a secret handshake, I'd show you.)
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