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I gm'd a run this weekend that could be pretty easily adapted into a nonelection situation. Comments please comment
[ Spoiler ]

so thats the story in shorthand version what do you think.
I tried to read that but I gave up. Use proper grammar and spelling and I'll have another go at it.
Not too bad. While there's a lot behind the scenes, its actually quite a short adventure and good for just a 1 night session.
agreed, you might want to engineer a way for more of it to come out, otherwise, you're the only one that knows what's going on. All the team will get is a bit of legwork, and a fight with some shedim, and move on. Kind of like On the Run. Lots of people only played half the adventure because tehy stuck to being "professional". A good run, but some of the best stuff was missed.
Kyoto Kid
...having been one of the players, I can say that Awakened characters (particularly ones with Weapon foci) are a must on this run since normal weapons pretty much do squat against the Shedim as we found out. Unfortunately, the adept I ran ended up missing most of the main combat scene due to failing Will tests (ah, the fickleness of dice) against the Shedims' fear power.

This was definitely one challenging little mission. In the end, the entire team was in pretty bad straits (we found the commlink, but 3 of the 4 of our team were down unconscious and/or injured) Were it not for KK coming to her senses in time and taking out the Master with her WF, we all would be working up new characters.
yeah it was meant to be a one night fight. I have three short bits that are meant to be tangentially related to the campaigns going on. The characters did figure out that their employer was working for JS, but didn't pursue it.
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