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Shadowrun Missions: Double Cross

Spoiler tags have been added because one of my players occasionally browses the forums, and for those of you that don't want to have story elements ruined if it's on the slate for the future.

So, with desire to have a stable story arc to run my players through, I printed out the entire first series of 3rd Edition Shadowrun Missions, and converted them to 4th Edition stats for all of the characters. I really like the early missions that are included (Harvest Time has to be my favorite, though), and the choices that the players have to make through them to complete their jobs are interesting at the least.

[ Spoiler ]

“It has to look like he is dead. DocWagon has to think that he is dead, and we have to get him out of there.”

The group, after doing roughly two hours of planning and shopping through Fox, finally decided that the Samurai taking a center-mass shot through an opposing parking garage would be the most reliable way of making it look like he had died. Since one of the ‘runners had extensive medical knowledge their plan was to replace the DocWagon team that is on location and retrieve the man that way…arriving before he dies, spoofing his biometric monitor and registering him dead, before stabilizing him behind the podium, and making their way out.

It was arranged to have three small explosives places, each one on a separate pane of glass, to confuse the people on the Shareholders meeting and to eliminate the ballistic glass for the sniper to take a solitary shot through the opening. The explosives were keyed to detonate after detecting a specific word in the speech (Money, of course), and then the sniper was to take the shot. The team, dressed as caters in the meeting, or as the replaced DocWagon team in the Lobby, would rush to his aid and enact their plan.

I was actually very proud of my group as they came to the plan on their own with very little prodding from me in the form of suggestions from Fox. They staked out the hotel the day before the Shareholders meeting, to match their floor layouts with the actual layout of the building, and took a night to work through their plan again.

After leaving the hotel from the stakeout, they have a run-in with “Numbers,” who politely requests they enter his limousine and asks them about the value of DocWagon stock over a brief conversation. Information is exchanged, and everyone leaves either happy or extremely wary.

Night of the Job: They arrive early, with plans for the sniper to arrive in the parking garage only after the rest of the group (Including Fox) was in place. They scouted the streets surrounding the hotel and advanced on the awaiting DocWagon unit in the alleyway. After popping Jazz (To simulate his lack of advanced reflexes), Fox ducked around the corner and tossed two canisters of Neuro-Stun into the van as the men were unloading. The gas incapacitated the group of DocWagon employees as the Technomancer/StreetDoc spoofed their vitals that were being transmitted through the implants they possessed.

They entered the alley, spraying a dissipater for the gas, and threw the bodies in the back of the van. After rounding them all up and checking for witnesses, they changed into DocWagon uniforms and waited for the signal. Their plan was to enter the lobby under the guise of “Just milling around” when the speech began, and then rushing up through the service elevator when the gunshot happened. The Technomancer had already placed a call-override on the service elevator so it would be where they wanted, and stay there when they needed it. The Technomancer spends his time deactivating locator tags for the items they will be wearing, in case they have to bug out on the pronto.

The speech occurs, the keyword is spoken, and the windows explode outward. The sniper’s player is already shaking a double-fistful of dice from when I said the word money in the speech, and she lets them fall. As the dice are rolling, the comment “I’ll spend a point of edge to make sure I don’t kill him” gets put into the air, as with the rifle and excess hits she does exactly 11P to the poor shmoe. My body test for him garnered 1 hit, putting him at a full damage track (I gave the healthy man a 4 body to represent the DocWagon corporate care package), and he fell behind the podium.

The two group members keep pace with Fox, who is intentionally slowing his pace so that he doesn’t outdistance them before arriving at the target. They get into the freight elevator with no incident, and the sniper is already putting the rifle away and getting into the car. The freight elevator opens up to the fourth floor and the ‘runners witness pure pandemonium. The Face/Gunman leads the way, barking orders for people to move (No one listens, however…Inept in Intimidation hurts quite a bit), and Fox bull rushes through several people to clear the way.

They slide to guard positions on either side of the target behind the podium as the Technomancer triggers his sprite to spoof the biometrics. They go flatline a moment before he hits the guy with a trauma patch and then a tranq patch to make his body go limp. Fox throws him into a fireman’s carry and begins to head back to the freight elevator with the StreetDoc overseeing vitals and screaming about a flatline as the Face pulls up rear duty.

Freight elevator opens on the first floor and they bumrush for the ambulance, with Fox in the lead.
[ Spoiler ]

As Fox throws the body into the back of the van, the additional weight triggers an explosion that both blows the runners back (Dealing minor damage to them, none to Fox as I rolled quite well for him on the test) and incinerates all the swag they had bagged up from the back of the van as well as the body they had thrown in.

The ‘runners, confused and angered, pick themselves up and are ushered across the street into the parking garage that the sniper had fired from. A collective expenditure of Edge from the group times their “over-the-wall” perfectly with the sniper driving the car that leaves the parking garage, and they pile in. They pull away with the chaos from the assassination attempt and the explosion covering their escape.

The after-run meeting is held and Fox is understandable upset that someone sabotaged their mission. He pays the ‘runners their full promised fee, with an incentive bonus for executing their mission without a hitch, and promises to keep an ear out for who betrayed them.

[ Spoiler ]

All-in-all, it was an amazingly fun night and the players said they enjoyed it immensely. The planning went off well and there were some rather good ideas from all three people at the table. I was proud of my gang, and they left richer, happier, and with a capable fixer’s number in their Commlinks. Full Karma award around the table, 5 each.
Now that's awesome.
QUOTE (Trax)
Now that's awesome.

The game went really well, the only hectic part was the flurry of purchases between the run in the last game and this one. One of the runners actually went to pick up some garlic and a hatchet. biggrin.gif

I just about free-formed the retrieval at the end, but at that point things were going so smoothly and in tune I don't think anyone really minded. All-in-all, like I said before, I great night with a smooth run.
I am now required to ask why that Runner bought garlic and a hatchet.
Rather apparant spoiler for On The Run
[ Spoiler ]
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