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Full Version: Melee Weapons B/R
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Drain Brain
Okay - I want to do some creative tinkering with melee weapons -think "gunsmith" but up-close-and-personal.

What do you all think the costs involved would be? Just a guess - B/R kit/shop/facility at general tools cost? Or maybe x2?

Also, did it occur to anyone else that if you can forge a sword, you can probably make a club quite easily? Or any other melee weapon for that matter? What say you to that? Is it one skill (Melee B/R) or many (Edged B/R, Clubs B/R, Polearms B/R)? I know it's up to me, but your opinions would be interesting to hear...

I think it's just "Armed Combat B/R," since you have Firearms B/R (generic for all firearms), Gunnery B/R (same for heavy weapons), etc. So, I think it'd just be "Melee/Armed Combat B/R" for the skill, which you could hone down to one specific type (Armed Combat B/R - Edged Weapons B/R - Katana B/R, or something).
Drain Brain
QUOTE (tanka)
snip have Firearms B/R (generic for all firearms), Gunnery B/R (same for heavy weapons), etc...

Eh? You do?

When did that happen?

I thought that SR3 killed generics! Instead of a "Firearms" skill you have pistols, shotguns etc - and so you get the same for B/R, since it says "many active skills have a B/R" or something like that... right hand side, p85, SR3...
Oh, pfft, SR3, who needs that?

Oh, right, obviously, most of you since that's what you play. I play mainly SR2, so excuse the error, it's all generics.

So, I guess you'd need the specifics (Edged Weapons B/R, etc), since that's what everything else goes by.

Oh, pfft! Curse you, anti-genericists!
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