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Full Version: Well that was the easiest extraction I ever pulled
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Well that was the easiest extraction I ever pulled.

Had to extract a ganger from a house, got in contact and had him and he didnít want to risk the lives of some of the gang mates in a fire fight (apparently didnít like being in the gang but still had some people he cared about) so I gave him another option.

I had him go into the toilet on the ground floor (no basement) and cast 2 spells on him. Oxygenate and transform (both range LOS duration sustained, focused concentration makes it easy). Turned him into a nice small sewer rat and had him swim down the toilet. The other PC met him in the main sewage line with clothing and led him to a meeting place. Cast makeover on both of them before handing him off to his new associates.

Not bad for a voluntary extraction of somebody who is practically never alone.

You'd had to have checked the plumbing out pretty thoroughly, to make sure it didn't lead to an on-site sewage tank or some such.
I'm wrapping my mind around the LOS through the sewer pipe.
Or is it LOS to initially cast the spell, and then just concentration to merely maintain it.

My main question is how did your character get out? Wouldn't the gang think... 'dude, you two both went into the crapper, but only one came out... where's he?'. I guess they probably think he's still in there maybe passed out from some drugs or something. If that's the case, yeah, just stroll on out whistling.
LOS to cast, then concentrate and take the penalties to other actions for maintaining a spell.
oh thank goodness, that's the way we've played it.
De Badd Ass
oh thank goodness, that's the way we've played it.

oh thank goodness, I didn't want to picture the material link.
Los to cast and concentration to maintain.

I didnít even go into the building, he needed to open the window to establish loss (contact was established using a mind link spell but a cell phone would have been just as easy) when somebody goes in to the toilet next they wonder why there is a full set of clothes in there (transform doesnít affect gear worn) and why the frosted glass window has been opened.

krayola red
How come he couldn't just climb out the window as a rat and scurry away?
Jack Kain
Here's an extraction,
Ok the team and I are scoping out the condo. Our hacker has access to the security cameras. Unfortantly he can't do a dam thing about the maglocks from with in the system.
While the guards are in the kitchen playing poker.

The plan is after disabling the ultrasound sensors, Our technomancer will approch the window nice and low and disbale the electronic lock. Our traditonal hacker is standing back ready with his ares alpha with a flashbang grendade ready to shoot through the opening. Now we assumed the window's were bullet proof.

My character will set the charges at the door ready to blow it open and rush in after the flashbang goes off.

Here's where it goes wrong.
Critical clitch when sneakiing up to the window. The techno tripped and slammed right into the window.
Seeing the guards drawing there guns, we discover the glass isn't bulllet proof. To keep our dear friend from being blown away. I blow the door and rush in throwing my own flashbang around the corner into the kitchen.
With one kilo of rating 12 foam exlposive, 2 flashbank grendades and one bullet. We took out all the guards and got our target.
QUOTE (krayola red)
How come he couldn't just climb out the window as a rat and scurry away?

First there was astral security, in the form of watcher spirits but they where not watching the inside of the house or out to the limit of los with a optical scope, and there where sufficiently few to pick a gap for the casting of the spells but he could have been noticed as he was leaving.

Second I couldnít think of an animal with body 1 or higher (all my spell could manage, things like cockroaches and mice would be body 0) that wouldnít be likely to draw fire from armed and bored gangers.

Third it was funnier my way.

QUOTE (Edward)
Third it was funnier my way.

Best. Reason. Ever.
krayola red
I bet he didn't think so. nyahnyah.gif
I take it you didn't have a near-anorexic female bounty hunter willing to give lap dances in your team?
Kyoto Kid
...ran an extraction run where the PCs became very creative.
[ Spoiler ]
I run a few games for a group before I planned an extraction for them to do on a willing scientist.
As the GM I had worked out security shifts on work and home and the travel paths between.
But in a previous run they got seasons tickets to a basketball game. So they called him up and fast talked the security tapping the line into thinking the scientiest had won a contest while dropping the scientist a hint that his was his extraction.
Then separate him from the guards, cast Physical Mask on him, and walk out the basketball game part way through.
They only say my security setup on the initial scouting before one player said "hey, remember those tickets?" frown.gif
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